Can A Failure To Show Up In Court Cause A Lawsuit?

Can A Failure To Show Up In Court Cause A Lawsuit?

If you are a forensic expert, chances are that you have been called to court at least once. Generally speaking forensic experts are called to court to testify by a company.

While professionalism is something that you are most likely acquainted with, the unfortunate truth is that circumstances outside of your control can drastically impact your career negatively. As an example, what would happen if, on the way to court, you got into a car accident and as a result was unable to make it to court in time?

Of course you might think this scenario far-fetched. While you may be right, it would be a bad idea to completely overrule such matters because you think “it only happens to others”. All it takes is one simple mistake for your career to be over.

Because to answer the original question—yes, a failure to appear to court as a forensic expert can lead AND has led to lawsuits. Sure, it might not be as common as other scenarios, but what’s the point of risking your career this way?

Matters become even more complicated when the company that has hired you loses the case in court. What do you do when said company decides to hold you liable and proceeds to file a lawsuit against you? Who do you turn to? In most cases, you will have to pay everything out of your own pockets, including your defense costs and any settlement ordered by the court. Unfortunate you say? You have no idea.

But the good news is that it does not have to be this way. By purchasing a professional liability forensic insurance policy from EasyCover you are ultimately protecting yourself from financial loss associated with a lawsuit. In other words you have the freedom to let EasyCover handle your lawsuit.

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