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If you work in the Legal Profession, you can’t afford NOT to have Professional Liability Insurance!

You may not be a lawyer, but your work in the Legal profession requires you to be highly knowledgeable, detailed, and a skilled communicator.  No matter what area of law your work supports, you face challenges every day that can jeopardize your reputation and even your livelihood.  Some of those challenges can include the very clients you work for, who may have unreasonable expectations or misguided beliefs about what you can or can’t do for them.  Add in the stress of high work loads, and mistakes can happen.    Perhaps you innocently provided the wrong information or advice, or simply forgot to send an important document; your client can sue you for that perceived mistake.  A Commercial General Liability policy would not respond to this.  You need the specialized coverage only a Professional Liability policy can provide.

You may have done nothing wrong – but you know better than anyone, the costs to defend yourself can be huge.   This is one of the main benefits to having a professional liability policy. It isn’t just lawyers that get sued; any and all legal services that support the law profession are potentially at risk.

Professional Liability (E&O) coverage through EasyCover, is fast and affordable.  There is no 12 page application typically required by other professional liability carriers, and you won’t have to take out a loan to pay for your coverage.  By answering a few questions online, you can pay for, and have your policy documents in minutes. Go online to www.easycover.ca for your no obligation quote, or to bind and issue your policy.