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As a contractor, you’re held to a high standard when it comes to delivering your service or advice. If a client believes you’ve cost them financially or made a mistake, there’s a good chance you could be sued. Whether you’ve done anything wrong or not, you’ll still need to cover the costs of litigation.

Unfortunately, most commercial general liability insurance policies don’t cover these types of claims. That’s where professional liability insurance for contractors comes in. If you’re sued by a third party or client due to a perceived or actual mistake or causing an additional financial cost, Easy Cover can help protect you with contractor professional liability insurance.

We make getting contractor liability insurance easy:

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It’s direct, simple, and quick. In just under 5 minutes, you can work with confidence with a shiny new contractor liability insurance policy.

What Contractor Liability Insurance Covers

If you’re hired on as a contractor, you’re likely there to perform a specific, often specialized, job or service. You may produce an end product or maybe you provide advice. If a third party or your client claims you’ve failed to deliver, made a mistake, or cost them financially, they may sue you. Regardless who’s right, you’ll have to deal with the litigation process.

Contractor professional liability insurance helps cover the legal expenses and any damages that are awarded at the conclusion of the situation, so long as you haven’t engaged in any deliberate dishonesty, misrepresentation or fraud. As litigation costs can quickly escalate, this coverage is critical if you’re a contractor.

The amount of coverage you need depends on:

  • Your industry
  • The number of clients you have
  • The size or value of the contracts you have
  • The size of a legal claim that could be made against you
  • Your contractual requirements

You can choose between a $1 million, $2 million and $5 million coverage limit. This is the most that will be paid out over the 12-month policy period, regardless of how many claims you make. This includes judgement, settlement, and defense costs.

You deductible will depend on your company’s revenue, ranging from $250 to $1500 per claim. You’ll need to pay a deductible for each claim. So if you have two claims, you’ll pay the deductible twice.

Keep in mind you won’t be covered for deliberate fraud, dishonesty or misrepresentation. Not all scenarios are covered. If you fail to advise your insurance company of a known incidence that could likely result in a claim, you may also not be covered. For example, let’s say you made a mistake that results in a delay for a project. You should let your insurer know, even if it doesn’t escalate to a lawsuit. Sometimes being served comes as a complete surprise, but many times you know earlier on that there is a risk. Communication is key!

Examples of Contractor Professional Liability Insurance

Negligence or Errors: If you make a mistake while in your role of contractor, you can be sued by your client or a third party. This can be as minor as forgetting a minor detail that delays a project or a big mistake that costs millions to repair.

Misrepresentation: Your client may feel advice you present is inaccurate or misleading. They could sue you for providing this faulty information.

Loss of Documents: Losing your clients documents would be a headache at best and at worst, you could be taken to court.

These are just a few scenarios you could encounter as a contractor. Easy Cover can help protect you from these events and more. Don’t wish you were covered, get contractor professional liability insurance today!

Contractor Professions We Cover

    • Construction
      • Architects
      • Contracts manager
      • Fire auditors
      • Health and safety
      • Maintenance manager
      • Operations manager
      • Project manager
      • Engineers
    • Engineering
    • Finances
      • Analysts
      • Bookkeepers
      • CPA
      • Compliance
      • Controllers
      • Payroll
      • Treasury
      • Regulatory reporting
    • Forensic services
    • Health professionals
      • Acupuncture
      • Audiologist
      • Counsellors
      • Dance instructors
      • Dieticians
      • Health coach
      • Hypnotherapist
      • Life coach
      • Meditation
      • Nutritionist
      • Occupational therapist
      • Personal trainers
      • Physiotherapist
      • Pilates instructors
      • Psychologist
      • Reflexologist
      • Registered massage therapists
      • Speech pathologist
      • Yoga instructors
      • Zumba instructors
  • IT contractors
    • CRM systems
    • IT facilities management
    • IT hardware consultant
    • IT hardware or software sale and supply
    • IT network architect
    • IT outsourcing consultant
    • IT program manager
    • IT project management
    • IT security consultant
    • IT software development, consultant or programmer
    • IT analyst
    • IT system designer
    • IT training
    • Network communication consultants
    • PC/IT network support
    • SEO consultant
    • Telecommunications
    • Website designer
  • Legal services
  • Media
    • Advertising consultants
    • Marketing consultants
    • Photographers
    • Website designer
    • Graphic designor
    • Editors
    • Writers
    • Market research
    • Interior designers
  • Project Managers
  • Social Services

We offer liability insurance for contractors in a variety of industries – if yours isn’t listed here, don’t worry. Chat with us and we’ll see what we can do!

Risk Management for Contractors

While contractor professional liability insurance is there if you need it, it’ll reduce your stress and expenses if you avoid litigation altogether.


Making sure everyone is on the same page when it comes to expectations and progress is important. Open and honest communication can go a long way. Ask questions and clarify if you’re not sure about something.

Record Keeping

Keep written record of all communication. Follow up an in-person meeting with an email confirming what was discussed. You should also keep backup copies of all paperwork, receipts, and communications. A digital cloud copy is also a necessity. In the event you are sued, this could be important evidence.

Quality Control

Implement procedures to ensure quality. For some things, this may be having multiple eyes go over something before it’s delivered. For others, it might be following a specific check list for each install. Double-check the deliverable against the expectation.

EasyCover’s contractor liability insurance protects you if your risk management isn’t enough. Our coverage is comprehensive and affordable. We make it easy for you to protect yourself. Get a free contractor liability insurance quote from our online quoter in less than 5 minutes!

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