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EasyCover for HR Professionals

Preferred Rates for CPHR Alberta Members

As a Chartered Professional in Human Resources (CPHR), you work hard to protect the interests of employers and employees—but are you also taking care of your reputation and career?

Your professional Human Resources (HR) advice or services could come into question and you might need to hire legal representation to defend yourself, the costs of which can be staggering.

That’s where EasyCover comes in.

Our Professional Liability Insurance can provide coverage options to help mitigate your financial risk should you be named in a lawsuit.

EasyCover has partnered with CPHR Alberta to offer its members discounted rates. With our simple online system, you can get a quote and be issued your policy all in a matter of minutes. What are you waiting for?

Things for CPHR Alberta Members to Consider

  • Mistakes happen. No matter your level experience or HR knowledge, errors are bound to happen. Clients might sue to recover any financial damages incurred because of a mistake in your professional advice or service. Fortunately, Professional Liability Insurance can help you cover losses, including legal costs and lost income due to court appearances.
  • Can you afford a lawsuit? When you provide professional HR advice or services, you can be held personally liable for financial damages you might cause to a third party. Without Professional Liability Insurance, legal costs and potential restitution could financially drain your business.
  • Your clients may require it. Having the right insurance does more than protect your business. It also elevates your credibility and provides reassurance to your clients, some of whom might require you to have a certain level of Professional Liability coverage.
  • Other coverages don’t cut it. You might already have other insurance, but typically only Professional Liability Insurance covers your professional HR advice and services; whereas, Commercial General Liability provides protection should your business cause third-party bodily injury or property damage.
Human Resources Services are Evolving

The EasyCover Advantage

EasyCover makes it, well, easy for CPHR Alberta members to quickly get Professional Liability Insurance. Our simplified process can be completed entirely online in about 10 minutes. Here’s what you can expect from EasyCover:

  • Preferred rates for CPHR Alberta members.
  • Comprehensive coverage.
  • Low deductibles starting at $250.
  • Request a quote and purchase a policy online any time of day.
  • Pay in full or choose a convenient monthly installment plan.
  • Bundle Professional Liability Insurance with other coverages, including Commercial General Liability and Cyber Liability.
  • Licensed professionals are available to answer any questions. They can also help guide you through claims situations.

Coverage so Fast, You’ll Have it Before Your Next Meeting

With EasyCover, CPHR Alberta members can take care of their insurance needs entirely online in a matter of minutes. The process really is this easy:

  • Step 1: Answer a couple of questions and choose your level of coverage.
  • Step 2: Review your instant, free quote.
  • Step 3: Pay your premium securely online.
  • Step 4: You’ll immediately receive your insurance confirmation by email.
  • Step 5: Work with confidence knowing you’re protected with EasyCover.

What’s Covered?

Professional Liability Insurance is specifically designed to protect individuals who provide professional advice or services, such as CPHR Alberta members. No matter if the claim made against you is warranted or not, this coverage can help cover your legal costs should a client sue. Professional Liability Insurance provides protection in instances when your client claims they have experienced financial damages as a result of:

  • Professional Negligence:

    You make a mistake while providing professional HR advice or service.

  • Misrepresentation:

    You present HR information that the client believes was wrong or misleading.

  • Libel and Slander:

    Your client feels you have harmed their reputation by what you have said or printed.

  • Loss of Documents:

    You unintentionally lose your client’s critical documents.

  • Misuse of Information:

    Your client believes you used or disclosed confidential information without their consent.

Protect yourself from the unexpected.

CPHR Alberta members can get their comprehensive Professional Liability Insurance at discounted rates from EasyCover today.

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