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If you’re a professional based in Calgary who offers a service or advice, you could be sued at any point by a client who thinks you have made a mistake. Even if you’ve done nothing wrong – you will still be responsible for the costs associated with defending yourself against these claims. That’s why having professional liability insurance in Calgary is so important. You wouldn’t want to find yourself in hot water without protection. 

Generally, commercial general liability insurance policies will not cover claims for financial loss related to advice or services that you offered in your professional field. But with EasyCover Canada, you can protect your Calgary business with professional liability insurance. If you are sued by a client or third-party because of financial loss due to a real or perceived mistake or misrepresentation, professional liability insurance for Calgary professionals can help you pay your legal expenses for covered claims. 

We keep it easy for you to get professional liability insurance in Calgary with EasyCover’s online tool. Get a free quote or secure your policy in just three easy steps: 

Step 1: Enter your information for your free quote. 

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In as quick as five minutes, you can find, secure, and pay for your professional liability insurance policy. Calgary experts can rest easy knowing that their reputation and finances are protected by EasyCover’s professional liability insurance in Calgary. It’s fast, easy and simple. 

Construction Professions Covered

EasyCover offers liability insurance for many different construction professionals, including: 

  • Architects 
  • Architectural Technologist 
  • Contracts Manager 
  • Construction Safety Officers 
  • Document Control 
  • Electrical Engineers 
  • Fire Safety Auditors 
  • Health and Safety Consultants 
  • Highway Engineers 
  • Maintenance Managers 
  • Operations Managers 
  • Planning Engineers 
  • Project Managers 
  • Site Engineers 
  • Technical Engineers 
  • Urban Planners

What is covered by EasyCover’s Professional Liability Insurance for Construction Professionals

If you are sued as a result of a mistake, failure to provide, misrepresentation, or causing financial loss to a client while providing a service or advice, your construction liability insurance will cover your legal expenses, so long as you didn’t engage in any deliberate dishonesty, misrepresentation or fraud. This includes costs associated with judgements, settlements and defense. As these can be astronomical, making professional liability insurance critical for protecting your financial security as a construction professional. 

There are three levels of construction liability insurance coverage offered by EasyCover: 

  • $1 million 
  • $2 million 
  • $5 million 

This is the maximum amount you would receive for any and all of the professional liability claims you make in the 12-month policy period, including the settlement, judgement, and defense costs. Make sure you consider any contract requirements as well as your business and industry risks when choosing your level of coverage. Consider: 

  • The type of clients you work for 
  • What industry your clients are in 
  • The overall value of your projects 
  • The size of legal claim that could be made against you 

Your deductible will vary based on your revenue and is paid for each claim. Say you had a $250 deductible and made two claims in a year. You’d pay a total of $500 in deductibles. 

Construction Professional Liability Insurance in Action

There are many scenarios where having construction liability insurance comes in handy. Here are a few of the most common claims; 

  1. A sub-contractor falls to deliver on time. 
    If a sub-contractor fails to meet the deadline for their work, the client could hold you responsible for the delay.

  2. The project exceeds the original estimate.  
    It often happens that a project unexpectedly exceeds the original budget. This could be because of a third-party change or an obstacle encountered in the construction process. A client could hold you liable for the financial loss. 

  3. A staff error. 
    Mistakes happen. If an employee under your supervisions installs a component of the project incorrectly after a miscommunication with the client, you could be held liable for the error.  

In all of these scenarios, construction professional liability insurance would be able to cover your legal costs.  

How to Manage Your Risk as a Construction Professional

While professional liability insurance protects construction professionals, it’s always best to avoid getting sued in the first place. Not only will this keep your premiums down, you won’t have to go through the stress of litigation. Here are some tips to mitigate your risks as a construction professional: 


Communication can be difficult, but it’s key. Ensure you communicate with your clients and subcontractors regularly and be honest. Often, claims arise because a client had no idea there were any problems and are surprised by a financial loss. Subcontractors need to be properly brought onboard with the project so they are able to communicate their own issues. Ensure there is open and honest communication about the project’s feasibility, design, and funding. 

Record Keeping

Keeping good records is critical. Contracts, receipts and communications should all be recorded. If you have a conversation in-person with the client or subcontractor, you should send a follow up email confirming what was discussed. This will help you protect yourself and provide evidence in the event you are ever sued. 

You should also be keeping digital and multiple copies of everything. Make sure your computer and phones are backed up and everything is adequately protected. 


Your contracts can protect you. Make sure they address delays and additional costs. Outline very specifically your role. While this may not prevent you from being sued, it is an excellent way to set expectations and can be used as reference. 

Quality Control

Make sure you’re properly vetting all subcontractors. Choosing the best subcontractors will minimize mistakes and help a project be completed properly while on budget and on time. Inquire into how they communicate, record keep and ensure quality themselves 

When it comes to the actual project, you should have procedures in place to help assure ongoing quality. It can help to have someone else review the work to catch anything you’ve missed – or perhaps you’re the second pair of eyes to give final approval.  

Mistakes do happen. Delays are often inevitable, especially in construction. But you can minimize the occurrence and mitigate the extent with proper risk management. 

EasyCover’s Construction Liability Insurance

With EasyCover, you get the critical coverage you need in a fast and easy way. We sell insurance directly to you. Our online tool lets you get a free quote quickly – and you can even purchase a policy in less than 5 minutes.  

Step 1: Enter your information for your free construction professional liability quote. 

Step 2: Select the policy that works for you. 

Step 3: Pay online and receive your policy documents. 

Our coverage is comprehensive and affordable. Work with confidence knowing you’re covered in the event you’re sued by a third party or client. With EasyCover Canada, you can protect yourself, your business, and your finances with construction professional liability insurance. 

Protect yourself from the unexpected. 

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