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Forensic Expert Professional Liability Insurance

If you’re a forensic expert in any field and are involved in legal proceedings where you’re required to deliver expert testimony, you may be accused of negligence or errors and could be personally sued for financial damages. Commercial General Liability Insurance may not cover you for errors in professional services or advice.

Fortunately, EasyCover offers Forensic Expert Professional Liability Insurance (also known as Errors and Omissions Insurance). This unique form of insurance can protect you should you be sued for financial damages resulting from your forensic services, advice or expert testimony.


Examples of Forensic Expert Professional Liability Insurance

Typical scenarios for claims can include:

Failure to appear:
You’ve been asked to provide forensic expert testimony by a company. The day of the hearing, circumstances outside of your control prevent you from making it to court. The company loses the case and holds you liable for the damages they owe.

Incorrect information:

You’re delivering expert testimony and mistakenly divulge incorrect information that had been provided to you by the party that had acquired you as an expert. After losing the case, they accuse you of negligence.

Third-party error:

As a forensic expert, you contract a portion of work to a third party. It’s revealed the testing they undertook wasn’t properly performed and therefore is inadmissible in court. The party who hired you as a forensic expert to deliver expert testimony holds you liable for negligence.

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If you provide advice or professional services to your clients, and are sued due to your alleged negligence, your Commercial General Liability policy may not respond. You need the protection of Professional Liability Insurance.

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