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As a forensic expert in Regina who prepares and provides evidence for legal proceedings, you’re used to having your expertise scrutinized in a court of law. But you likely aren’t used to personally defending yourself against allegations of causing financial damages. 

The truth is, clients can sue if they believe your negligent forensic services, advice or expert testimony caused them a financial loss. Fortunately, professional liability insurance can protect forensic scientists and investigators in Regina from bearing legal expenses should you be accused of negligence resulting in professional mistakes or omissions.  

Don’t put your business at risk. Professional liability insurance from EasyCover offers the protection that forensic experts in Regina need from unexpected lawsuits.


What is professional liability insurance for forensic experts? 

Sometimes referred to as errors and omissions insurance, professional liability coverage can protect forensic experts in Regina from shouldering the costs of an unexpected lawsuit. Specifically, this unique form of insurance can cover legal expenses when a client claims you were negligent in providing forensic advice or service, which caused them financial damages. 

Examples of claims that may be made against forensic scientists and investigators in Regina include: 

  • Circumstances outside your control prevent you from making it to court on the day you’re to provide forensic expert testimony. The company that asked you to be a witness ultimately loses the case and holds you liable for the damages they owe. 
  • You mistakenly divulge incorrect information while delivering expert testimony. The client that acquired you as an expert accuses you of negligence after they lose the case. 
  • You contract a portion of your work to a third-party expert, but their testing wasn’t properly performed and is inadmissible in court. The party who hired you for your forensic expertise holds you liable for negligence. 


3 reasons forensic experts in Regina should have professional liability insurance 


  1. Mistakes happen. Professional errors can be made regardless of how knowledgeable and diligent you are, and clients can sue when these mistakes cause them to lose money. Don’t gamble on never making a mistake—professional liability insurance for forensic experts in Regina offers affordable peace of mind. 
  2. Legal costs are expensive. It doesn’t matter if you’re guilty or not, defending yourself can be extremely expensive. Professional liability insurance can help forensic experts in Regina cover defence fees as well as any restitution you may have to pay, such as settlements and judgement awards. 
  3. Other liability insurance doesn’t cover it. Typically, only professional liability insurance provides coverage if a client claims your forensic advice or service was negligent, incorrect or lacked critical detail, and ultimately caused financial damages. This is different from general liability, which can provide coverage should your business cause third-party bodily injury or property damage. 

How much should forensic experts in Regina expect to pay for professional liability insurance? 

For forensic experts in Regina, pricing is rated using various factors such as revenues and number of employees.  

The following factors will determine your annual rate:

Your area of expertise:  

EasyCover offers professional liability insurance to various types of forensic experts in Regina.  

Your company revenue 

EasyCover offers professional liability insurance to forensic experts in Regina who have annual revenues of up to $2 million. 

The size of your business 

EasyCover offers professional liability insurance to independent forensic experts as well as those who own a small forensic company with up to five employees.  

Your level of coverage 

EasyCover offers three levels of professional liability insurance to forensic experts in Regina: $1 million, $2 million and $5 million.  

Why should forensic experts in Regina choose EasyCover for professional liability insurance? 

EasyCover provides forensic experts in Regina with competitive rates and comprehensive professional liability coverage. Our unique online platform makes it easy for you to get your free quote, review your policy and pay your premium in a matter of minutes. With EasyCover, forensic experts in Regina can get professional liability insurance coverage any day of the week, at any time of day, without needing to speak with a Regina PLI broker. 

PLI for Forensic Experts in Regina

Protect yourself against the unexpected with Professional Liability Insurance for Forensic Experts in Regina from EasyCover.

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