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Regina IT Professional Liability Insurance

If you’re a Regina IT consultant, contractor or employee, then you run the risk of being sued by a client if they believe you’ve been negligent or omitted important information. Many Regina IT companies and consultants have cyber liability insurance and Commercial General Liability Insurance in place, but these policies typically don’t cover professional service or advice.

Fortunately, EasyCover offers Regina IT Professional Liability Insurance. This unique form of insurance coverage can help cover your legal defence costs, should a client accuse you of negligence stemming from hardware and software you may have worked on, or any technical advice you may have provided. It’s the ultimate way for Reginans working in IT and high tech to protect their finances and reputation.

Examples of Regina IT Professional Liability Insurance

Typical scenarios for claims can include:

Intellectual property infringement:
While installing/developing software or hardware, you accidentally infringe on intellectual property owned by your client or a third party

Breach of confidentiality:
You unintentionally reveal confidential information related to your client while working on their IT infrastructure

Software failure:
A software product you develop or install unexpectedly fails to perform properly, causing direct financial losses for your client

Product breakdown:
A custom-made IT product experiences an unforeseen breakdown causing financial damages and a business interruption for your client

Protect yourself from the unexpected. Get Regina IT Professional Liability insurance from EasyCover today.


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