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Social service providers in Regina offer critical advice and support to people who are often struggling with complex issues or circumstances. Unfortunately, helping others puts you at risk of being sued. This is because, no matter your level of expertise and best intentions, your advice or services might prove to be detrimental to your client and cause them financial damages. 


Lawsuits can be extremely expensive. Without the right insurance, you’ll have to shoulder the financial burden of defending yourself. That’s why it is critical for social service providers in Regina to have professional liability insurance. Unlike other insurance policies, professional liability can cover legal defence costs should a client sue you for negligence resulting in financial loss—regardless of whether the accusations are warranted or not.  


Make sure to protect yourself with professional liability insurance for social service providers in Regina. 

Why should social service providers in Regina have professional liability insurance? 

No matter your level of training and years of experience, mistakes happen; and, working with complex cases is an added layer of professional risk for social service providers in Regina.  


Clients can sue to recover money they believe they’ve lost because of your advice or service. You need to be financially prepared to defend yourself in such cases, even if the claim is groundless. 


While some costs may be covered by your professional organization’s insurance program, your legal expenses may not be fully covered. That’s why it is advantageous for social service providers in Regina to have their own professional liability policy. 


Also known as errors and omissions insurance, professional liability can help social service providers in Regina pay for legal costs should you be sued for alleged professional mistakes or negligence that caused your client financial harm. This coverage includes defence expenses, lost income for attending court, settlements and judgement awards. 


It’s also important to recognize your other insurance policies might only provide protection from accusations of causing bodily injury or property damage. Typically, only professional liability insurance offers coverage when being accused of providing advice or a service that caused financial damages.  

Why might a social service provider in Regina be sued for negligence? 

In general, professional liability insurance can help social service providers in Regina cover legal costs when they’re being held liable for financial damages stemming from their professional advice or service. 

A couple of scenarios include: 


  • A client feels your counselling was ineffective, so they sue to recover the fees they paid for the service. 
  • You forget to file a report that would help your client obtain additional financial support. Your client could sue to recover the lost benefits. 
  • Your patient suffers a setback under your care and decides to seek additional professional support elsewhere. They might sue to cover this extra expense. 


These are just a few examples. Social service providers in Regina offer a wide range of advice and service to clientele dealing with complex situations; therefore, claims will differ depending on your area of expertise and the clients you deal with. 

Does EasyCover insure all social service providers in Regina? 

EasyCover provides professional liability insurance to social service providers in Regina who offer advice or services in the areas of: 


  • Adult and senior care 
  • Child and family wellbeing 
  • Drugs and alcohol addiction 
  • Mental health  
  • Occupational therapy 
  • Probation 
  • Youth offenders 


Don’t see your area of specialty listed? Contact us today, and EasyCover’s professional liability insurance brokers can help find you coverage. 

What optional coverages are available for consultants in Regina? 

Besides offering professional liability insurance, EasyCover can also provide a few additional protections for consultants in Regina.  

Commercial General Liability Insurance (CGL) 

Commercial general liability insurance (CGL) is the most basic form of liability insurance.  It offers protection in the event that you or any of your employees accidentally injure a third party or cause damage to their property while carrying out business operations. This includes any injuries or damages that occur on your premises or on a client’s property. 

 CGL insurance is considered a critical coverage option and if you have professional liability insurance but leave CGL out, you may leave your business vulnerable. We start CGL coverage at $1 million but you can choose higher limits if desired or required. 

Directors and Officers Liability Insurance 

Directors and officers can be held personally responsible for their actions while serving on a board of directors if they have acted outside the law or failed to perform their duties properly.  Directors and officers liability insurance (D&O) is designed to offer protection for directors and officers, covering legal expenses from claims brought by regulatory bodies, suppliers and vendors, employees, creditors, and customers. 

Criminal penalties or offences will not be covered as this type of loss is not insurable by law 

Cyber Liability Insurance 

Cyber liability insurance is designed to help cover certain costs following an alleged or actual hacking event or privacy breach. EasyCover’s cyber liability coverage includes network security liability and privacy liability. It may help cover the cost of network security and privacy breach costs, business income interruption losses, defence costs, extortion fees, digital asset losses, and regulatory fines. 

Every policy has a specified limit, so be sure to familiarize yourself with yours and note any exclusions or separate deductibles. 

Is professional liability insurance mandatory for social service providers in Regina? 

While not mandatory, professional liability insurance for social service providers is highly recommended by some professional organizations, such as the Canadian Association of Social Workers. 


Defending yourself against allegations of negligence can be extremely expensive. Professional liability insurance can help social service providers in Regina cover these costs. 

The EasyCover advantage for social service providers in Regina 

Here are 4 reasons why social service providers in Regina should choose EasyCover for their professional liability insurance: 


1. Affordable coverage 

With EasyCover, professional liability premiums for social service providers in Regina could start at $330 per policy year for $1 million in coverage.  

Your premium will ultimately depend on your: 

  • area of expertise 
  • annual revenue 
  • company size 
  • coverage amount 
  • insurance and claims history 


2. Choose the coverage that’s right for you 

EasyCover offers three coverage limits of professional liability insurance for social service providers in Regina:  

  • $1 million  
  • $2 million  
  • $5 million  


Remember the coverage you select is the maximum amount that could be paid out for all claims over a 12-month period.  


3. Comprehensive coverage options 

In addition to professional liability insurance, EasyCover offers social service providers in Regina with the option to add additional coverages, including general liability, cyber liability, and directors and officer’s liability insurance. 


4. It’s fast, easy and convenient 

With EasyCover, social service providers in Regina can get their free quote and purchase their professional liability insurance in about five minutes—all of which can be done online without needing to speak with a broker. 

Our unique online platform makes it easy to get covered in just five steps: 

  1. Provide your contact information. 
  2. Provide your company’s annual review and number of employees. 
  3. Select your professional liability coverage limit and choose whether to add additional liability insurance to your policy. 
  4. Review your free quote. 
  5. Pay online. 

That’s all it takes! 

Protect yourself against the unexpected.

Protect yourself against the unexpected with Professional Liability Insurance for Social Service Providers in Regina from EasyCover.

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