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A computer programmer in Canada has several competing demands on their time. The pressure of delivering an effective, efficient product within an often too short time-frame is a challenge you likely face on every project. Handling this pressure is a skill acquired through experience, successes and failures. Naturally, when you meet your client’s expectations they tend to congratulate you and award you with bonuses or additional business. However if you fall short of their expectations, you do not meet a timeline or even worse, your program is faulty and fails in the field, they may find a way to hold you responsible for any embarrassment and loses they encounter.

In the field of IT, mistakes can prove to be costly. This is because mistakes, depending on the severity of them, can end up putting an entire company’s finances and reputation in jeopardy. Today, we will be looking into a type of mistake that no IT professional ever wants to make, but which unfortunately often occurs – software failure.

Can software failure really lead to a lawsuit? The answer is yes, it is possible. As a computer software developer, your job is to create a program that meets the needs and expectations of your client. Failure to do so (no matter how trivial an error you make in the process) can lead to devastating consequences for both parties. This is especially true when a software failure leads to financial damage and embarrassment.

If you are an IT professional currently living and working in Canada, there are insurance policies available that can help protect you in the event an inadvertent mistake results in a software failure. An IT professional liability insurance policy can help protect you from financial loss should a client sue you for damages. EasyCover enables you to request a free professional liability insurance quote and purchase insurance coverage online easily and within minutes. No waiting, no hassles, fast, effective insurance coverage available at your fingertips. You can also speak to one of our licensed insurance brokers by calling us toll free at 844-439-2683 or by using our live chat during regular business hours, MST time, Monday through Friday.