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What Is IT Analyst Professional Liability Insurance?

Whether you’re overseeing a small software/hardware installation or managing a large-scale network overhaul, as an IT analyst, you could be sued by a client if they believe you’ve made an error on the job or left out critical technical information.

As an IT analyst, you or your employer may already have Commercial General Liability Insurance or IT insurance. Unfortunately, these policies typically don’t cover claims resulting from services or advice. As a result, you could be sued and be held personally responsible for any financial damages.

Fortunately, EasyCover offers IT Analyst Professional Liability Insurance. This unique form of coverage can help cover your legal expenses should you be taken to court by a client because of your services or advice.

Best of all, you can get the coverage you need using our easy-to-use online tool. Get a FREE quote, secure your policy and pay for it—all in less than 5 minutes! It’s the fast and easy way to get affordable and effective IT Analyst Professional Liability Insurance.

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