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Understanding Consultant Professional Liability Insurance.

What Is Consultant Professional Liability Insurance?

As a consultant, people rely on your expertise and advice. You are held to a higher standard with respect to this expertise and if someone feels you haven’t performed to this standard, you could face accusations of negligence. Even if you aren’t found legally liable, court proceedings to defend a claim are costly and can also damage your professional reputation.

In most cases, Commercial General Liability Insurance (also known as CGL Insurance) won’t cover you for financial damage to others caused by your professional services or advice. Fortunately, EasyCover offers Professional Liability Insurance (also known as Errors and Omissions Insurance) for Consultants. This insurance covers a wide range of professional services and advice.

Examples of Professional Liability Insurance for Consultants

Typical scenarios can include:

  • Defamation and slander:

    You are a media consultant and a client’s competitor accuses you of defamation and slander with respect to an ad campaign that disparages their product.

  • Professional error:

    You are a human resources consultant and a client accuses you of not doing an appropriate background check when hiring a person who ends up being incompetent.

  • Administrative error:

    While working as a freelance consultant for a client, you make an administrative error by neglecting to file appropriate applications for their project, which causes several delays.

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