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Understanding Professional Liability Insurance for Project Managers.

What Is Professional Liability Insurance for Project Managers?

As a project manager, you could be held liable for any errors that cause financial loss to your client. Professional liability insurance for project managers offers protection in the event that you’re sued due to perceived or real error in providing your professional service or advice.

Many project managers and companies have commercial general liability insurance in place. Unfortunately, these policies don’t typically cover professional services or advice. As a result, if you’re facing legal action and being held personal responsible for a mistake or financial damages, you may not be covered. Fortunately, EasyCover offers project manager professional liability insurance that protects you in scenarios, so long as they’re an insured event.

We keep things simple here at EasyCover. Use our online tool to get a free project manager professional liability insurance quote. You can even purchase a policy to ensure you’re protected today in these three easy steps:

Step 1: Enter your information for your free quote.


Step 2: Select the policy that works for you.


Step 3: Pay online and receive your policy documents.


It’s really that straightforward.

What is covered by project manager liability insurance?

Project manager professional liability insurance is designed to protect project managers in the event they cause (or allegedly cause) financial loss to a client or do not perform your services as promised and are sued. Some of the most common claims that are covered are professional negligence, misrepresentation, libel and slander, inaccurate advice, and loss of documents.

Your judgement, settlement and defense costs can be covered by your project manager professional liability insurance policy, regardless if the allegations are true or not.

At EasyCover, we offer three levels of coverage:

  • $1 million
  • $2 million
  • $3 million

This is the maximum your policy will pay out over the 12-month policy period, regardless of the number of claims. The level of coverage you choose depends on your individual business, industry, clients, value of your projects, and anticipated costs of a lawsuit against you.

For each claim, you’ll also be responsible for paying a deductible. This will range from $250 to $1500 and is applicable for each claim. For example, let’s say you have a deductible of $500 and you have two covered claims. You’ll pay $1000 total – your project manager professional liability insurance will cover the rest (up to your policy limit).

Keep in mind that project manager professional liability insurance doesn’t cover any deliberate acts of dishonesty, fraud or misrepresentation. You’re also required to inform your insurer as soon as you’re aware of any potential lawsuits.

When would a project manager need professional liability insurance?

For project managers, there are a great deal of responsibilities and deliverables. Whether you’re overseeing production, ensuring key objectives are met, or working to complete projects on time and on budget, there’s a lot of pressure and a lot going on. As a project manager, you could be held responsible for any errors or omissions that a client feels you have made during the course of your role. Here are a few examples:


  • Professional Negligence: Let’s say you made a mistake while project managing that resulted in a delay in launch and additional cost to your client. They could sue you for professional negligence. Your professional liability insurance could cover you.
  • Misrepresentation: If your client feels you have presented information that is faulty or misleading, they could sue you. Your project manager liability insurance may cover your legal expenses whether or not the misrepresentation is real or perceived.
  • Inaccurate Advice: If you provide wrong advice in your role as a project manager, your client could hold you financially responsible. You’d likely be covered in this scenario, so long as it isn’t intentional.It’s important to keep in mind that project manager professional liability insurance will not cover any criminal acts. You’re also responsible for reporting any scenario that could potentially lead to a lawsuit. For example, say a project is delayed and your client will need to put in additional funds. Although that may not result in a lawsuit, it would still be a good idea to contact your insurer just in case it does.
EasyCover's Professional Liability Insurance for Project Managers.

EasyCover’s Professional Liability Insurance for Project Managers

Here at EasyCover, we make it simple for you to get covered. You can get a free quote or even purchase a policy online in less than 5 minutes. It’s a fast and easy way to get affordable coverage that is critical for protecting your financial security. Here are some project management professions we cover:

  • Business Processes
  • Change Manager
  • Company Development and Planning
  • Distribution Manager
  • Estates/Facilities Director
  • Finance and Accounting
  • Human Resources
  • Operations
  • Personnel Management and Selection
  • Procurement Director
  • Procurement Manager
  • Production Manager
  • Quality Systems
  • Sales
  • Marketing
  • Training

If you’re a project manager, it’s important to protect yourself. EasyCover makes project manager liability insurance easy – get your coverage in less than 5 minutes with our online quote and policy purchase tool.

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