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Understanding Professional Liability Insurance for Dieticians.

What Is Professional Liability Insurance for Dietitians?

As a registered dietician, protecting yourself from the threat of a malpractice suit is critical. Whether your client is young and healthy or someone who is in the last years of their life, there are factors that may be beyond your control that negatively impact their health, despite your recommendations. Liability insurance will not only protect you and your business, it will protect the clients who are in your care. In the event of a claim, professional liability insurance will pay the costs to defend you, as well as court awarded damages for covered claims. You can count on us to provide you with several options for coverage and make sure you are prepared for different challenges in your industry.

EasyCover Canada offers affordable Professional Liability Insurance for Dietitians. You may already have have some third party coverage if a Commercial General Liability Insurance policy (CGL) is in place, especially if you’re working for a larger company. However, CGL Insurance policies don’t cover damages resulting from professional services or advice and they may even restrict under what circumstances you are protected. For instance; for work you undertake privately, outside of your work for a hospital, clinic etc. Our affordable Professional Liability Insurance will protect you in the event you are taken to court by a client who believes their health has been impacted by your services.

Different scenarios Dietitians may be faced with:


  • Caring for someone in a retirement community carries inherent risks, as the mortality rate of patients are higher. In addition, there may be environmental and social factors contributing to poor health that are out of your control.
  • A patient experiencing unintended weight loss. Good documentation and evaluation of doctor’s instructions combined with all lifestyle factors are necessary to mitigate risk.
  • Administrative errors like not getting informed consent for treatment.
  • A client who was in your care seeks damages after believing advice you provided contributed negatively to their health.

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