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Understanding Photographer Professional Liability Insurance.

What Is Photographer Professional Liability Insurance?

Professional photographers are expected to deliver quality images and advice to their clients. However, there may be circumstances where an unsatisfied client brings a legal claim against you that could threaten your livelihood and reputation.
Fortunately, EasyCover offers Photographers’ Professional Liability Insurance (also known as Errors and Omissions Insurance). This unique form of insurance can protect you should a client sue you for financial or reputational damages resulting from your professional photographic services.

Examples of Photographers’ Professional Liability Insurance

Typical scenarios for claims can include:

  • Third party fails to deliver:

    You’re using an independent developer to develop your images after a big photo shoot, but they fail to get the images to you on the agreed upon date. Your client holds you liable for the cost of delaying the publication.

  • Wedding photographer accident:

    On your way to photograph a wedding, you’re involved in a car accident and miss the event. The couple had to hire a last-minute backup photographer at a much higher fee and sues you for the extra expense.

  • Courier loses prints:

    Following a major photo shoot for a client, you use a courier service to deliver the final prints. The courier fails to deliver the correct prints and the client demands you cover the costs of reprinting the photographs.


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