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Understanding Professional Liability Insurance for Speech Pathologists.

What Is Professional Liability Insurance for Speech Pathologists?

Communication is integral in our day-to-day lives, but for people with speech impairments, this can be quite a challenge. As a speech pathologist, you help individuals learn how to communicate more effectively through language. But what happens when something goes wrong? What if a client thinks their progress is too slow and takes action against you? A Commercial General Liability policy will only respond to third party Bodily Injury or Property Damage claims. A client seeking damages from you alleging negligent advice or service, would not be covered under that policy. With lawyers’ fees average $500 per hour, the costs just to defend yourself are steep. That’s where we can help.

EasyCover Canada offers affordable Professional Liability Coverage for Speech Pathologists that will protect you so you can focus on helping your clients. Our Professional Liability policies also referred to as E&O insurance, is comprehensive, affordable and very easy to get it. Only takes a few minutes!

Here are a few examples of why Speech Therapists should have professional liability coverage:


  • A client may not be improving at the rate they think is reasonable and may claim Speech Pathologist is negligent.
  • A client may claim physical or emotional injury under a speech pathologist’s care.
  • A client may sue a speech pathologist if their personal information is somehow compromised.

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