Directors & Officers Liability Insurance

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Understanding Liability Insurance for Directors and Officers.

Liability Insurance for Directors and Officers

In today’s business landscape, corporate directors and officers are expected to make business decisions and act in the best interests of the companies they serve.

Sometimes these decisions result in losses for shareholders or stakeholders and these disgruntled parties can bring lawsuits claiming liability or wrongdoing, often naming the directors or officers personally.
Business managers may believe that they are protected by general liability or umbrella insurance, however; that may not be the case.

With EasyCover, you can get comprehensive Directors and Officers (D&O) Liability Insurance coverage to supplement your Commercial General Liability and Professional Liability policies. Request a completely free, instant quote and you can even purchase your coverage online immediately.

Do Nonprofit Organizations Need Directors and Officers Insurance?

When you serve on a board for a nonprofit organization, you assume a responsibility to the organization’s members, partners and other stakeholders. Unfortunately, with that responsibility comes exposure to accusations of wrongdoing.

While some may think a lack of profit-oriented shareholders means reduced legal risk, lawsuits against nonprofit leaders are increasing dramatically. By securing nonprofit D&O Insurance to supplement your Professional Liability Insurance, you can protect your personal property and reputation.

Why Purchase D&O Insurance?

When stepping into a leadership role, it is important to ensure your personal assets are protected. D&O Liability Insurance protects you and your family in the event that a supplier, customer or investor were to bring a lawsuit claiming management wrongdoing on your part.

By protecting yourself with D&O Insurance, you will be covered for legal fees, settlements, and other associated costs of the lawsuit, up to policy limits. These costs can often reach hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Get Protected With EasyCover.

Get Protected With EasyCover

As one of the first online Professional Liability Insurance portals in Canada, EasyCover makes protecting your assets and reputation easier than ever. With EasyCover, there is no need to talk to a broker & no long applications to complete.

Using our convenient online platform, you’ll be able to:

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