How Professional Liability Insurance Works with EasyCover Canada

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Team of Business People Discussing About How Professional Liability Insurance Works with EasyCover Canada.

What We Offer

At EasyCover, we often get asked the question: How does Professional Liability Insurance work? Some people think they might already be covered because they have Commercial General Liability Insurance (also known as CGL Insurance).

Unfortunately, this simply isn’t the case, as CGL Insurance will not cover damages resulting from professional services or advice. Only Professional Liability Insurance can protect you from professional service-based claims, helping to cover the cost of any court proceedings and damages. EasyCover provides Professional Liability Insurance that can be customized to the unique needs of your profession and business for maximum protection.

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How does professional liability insurance work with EasyCover? Exactly the way you need it to.

What Does it Cover?

At EasyCover, we’re often asked by our clients: what does liability insurance cover? Many contractors and companies have Commercial General Liability Insurance (also known as CGL Insurance). CGL Insurance is designed to protect you when you are accused of being negligent and causing third-party bodily injury or property damage. However, Commercial General Liability Insurance typically does not cover professional services or advice which results in a financial loss.

In professions where people rely on you for your specific expertise and knowledge, Professional Liability Insurance is designed specifically to cover this type of exposure. Professional service and advice from consultants, including IT consultants, business consultants and marketing consultants can occasionally lead to legal exposure if a client claims they relied on your expertise to their financial detriment. While policies may vary depending on the specific needs of the industry and profession, some common claims include:

  • Professional Negligence:

    Committing a negligent error or negligently omitting to do something while carrying out a professional service.

  • Misrepresentation:

    Presenting incorrect information that the client or a third party has relied on to their financial detriment.

  • Libel, Slander, Defamation:

    Saying or printing something that causes reputational harm to another.

  • Breach of Confidentiality, Invasion of Privacy, Misuse of Information:

    Using or disclosing confidential information without consent.

  • Infringement of Intellectual Property Rights:

    Using trademark, patented or copyrighted material without permission*

    *With the predominant internet/web presence of most services, this exposure is increasing as many people are unaware of legal rights associated with Intellectual Property.

It’s important to note that you don’t necessarily have to be found liable for any of the claims mentioned above for Professional Liability Insurance coverage to trigger. Simply being accused of wrongful act by a client who decides to bring legal proceedings against you can trigger the Professional Liability policy.

Is it Right for Me?

Who needs Professional Liability Insurance? Anyone who regularly gives advice or professional opinions. Anyone who holds themselves out as having a unique education or expertise in a certain area. Anyone who could potentially cause financial or reputational harm to others in the course of providing their services or advice.

At EasyCover, some of the most common professions we serve are accountants, architects, engineers, IT Professionals and consultants. However, if you provide a professional paid service of any kind, you may want to consider what could happen if a client believes you’ve made an error or omission that has cost them financially or damaged their reputation.

If you’re an independent contractor or small business owner who provides professional services or advice, you could be sued by a disgruntled client or third party. You are definitely someone who needs Professional Liability Insurance.

Types of Coverage, at EasyCover.

Types of Coverage

Whether you’re an independent or freelance contractor, business owner or employee, at EasyCover, we offer easily accessible and affordable coverage including:

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