Statement on Brokerage Services & Compensation

The primary insurer for all EasyCover Professional Liability Insurance products is Lloyd’s of London, one of the world’s most prestigious specialist insurance service providers.

EasyCover is an independent insurance brokerage, which means we purchase Professional Liability Insurance products and services on your behalf that are comprehensive, affordable and understandable. Our role is to provide you with the best insurance value that combines coverage, service and price.

We also provide personalized quality service that includes professional insurance advice, on-going policy maintenance and claims support. Should any issues arise regarding your Professional Liability Insurance coverage, we are your advocates, using our professional experience to best represent your individual interests.

EasyCover works closely with Lloyd’s of London to ensure that we offer services and products that meet our client’s needs and expectations. It may be possible that Lloyd’s of London will recognize these efforts through a contingent commission contract. Payment of this contingent commission depends on a combination of profitability (loss ratio) and/or growth (usually over a number of years) and/or increased services that we provide on behalf of the Insurer.

In some instances, the occurrence of a few large losses on our book of business can disqualify us from receiving a contingent commission for one or more years. For detailed information on contingent commission, please go to the Lloyd’s of London website.

EasyCover is a department in Acera Insurance Services Ltd. that focuses on making the buying of insurance as convenient as possible. With over 1,000 employees operating in more than 60 locations, licensed in all jurisdictions in Canada, and dealing with over 90 different insurance companies and underwriting facilities – Acera Insurance is one of the largest independent brokerages in Canada. As a truly independent insurance brokerage, we provide professional, impartial advice and negotiate terms with the best interest of our valued clients in mind. Acera Insurance remains a top employer within the insurance industry, and nationally, with over 30 awards for outstanding workplace culture and employee experience.

If you have any additional questions or require other information regarding any of the compensation received by EasyCover for any of our insurance brokerage services, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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