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What Is Chemical Engineering Professional Liability Insurance?

Whether you’re a chemical process engineer creating new possibilities for industrial plants, a chemical product engineer developing cutting-edge materials or a specialist working on new types of polymers and fuel technologies, as a chemical engineer, you know how complex your profession can be.

Unfortunately, as a chemical engineer, you also run the risk of facing legal action if a client or third party believes you’ve made a mistake or left out vital information on a chemical engineering project. Many companies have Commercial General Liability Insurance; however, such policies typically don’t cover professional services or advice you may have provided. As a result, you could face legal action and be held personally responsible for any financial damages for errors in work you have done or advice you have provided.

Fortunately, EasyCover offers Chemical Engineering Professional Liability Insurance. This unique form of insurance can help cover your legal expenses should you be taken to court for any services or advice you may have provided in your duties as a chemical engineer.

Best of all, you can get the coverage you need using our easy-to-use online tool. Get a FREE quote, secure your policy and pay for it—all in less than 5 minutes. It’s the fast and easy way to get affordable and effective coverage.

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