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Professional Liability Insurance Winnipeg.

If you work in Winnipeg and routinely provide professional services or advice, then you could be sued if a client believes you’ve made a mistake or left out important information — even if you aren’t found liable. 

Most commercial general liability insurance policies don’t cover claims related to services or advice you may have offered. Fortunately, the professional liability insurance Winnipeg needs is available now from EasyCover Canada. If you’re sued by a client or third party because they believe you’ve provided faulty services or advice, EasyCover can help cover your legal costs. 

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Why Do You Need Professional Liability Insurance in Winnipeg? 

Even though it may not be mandatory to have professional liability insurance in Winnipeg, it’s still important to consider this policy. 

Professional liability insurance (also known as errors and omissions insurance) protects professionals against client claims alleging financial losses due to services they provide and lawsuits claiming negligence and misconduct. You might be surprised to learn how often malpractice claims are filed. In the medical field alone, over 100,000 medical malpractice claims are filed in Canada each year 

Errors and omissions can help cover your business’ bottom line. The policy usually covers legal costs and damages related to professional services for negligent acts, errors or omissions relating to your services, or the failure to deliver a promised service.  

EasyCover Provides Professional Liability Insurance to Winnipeg Professionals 

Whether you’re a contractor, business owner or employee operating in and around the Winnipeg area, at EasyCover we provide affordable professional liability insurance Winnipeg businesses need for comprehensive coverage and peace of mind. Get professional liability insurance for a wide range of Winnipeg industries and professions, including: 

  • IT/Computer Contractors
  • Engineering Contractors
  • Managers
  • Construction Contractors
  • Consultants
  • New Media
  • Social Services
  • Finance Professionals
  • Legal Professionals
  • Photographers
  • Forensic Experts


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What’s Covered by Professional Liability Insurance in Winnipeg?


Media implications 

Media implications could include everything from copyright infringement to claims of defamation or libel. If you misuse photos without proper attribution and the photographer decides to sue your client for copyright violation, it could lead you to face legal action. A professional liability policy can help protect you against financial loss due to potential lawsuits and other damages. 

Professional negligence 

A claim of professional negligence is when your client claims you failed to take the necessary care in performing their task. If you cause injury to a trainee as a personal trainer, your client may sue. Your gym insurance policy may include professional liability coverage to cover legal fees and compensatory damages. 

Product failure 

Professional liability insurance covers legal fees and damages resulting from a product defect lawsuit. Your client may sue you for damages if the app you created doesn’t work or the cookware you designed causes a safety hazard. Professional liability insurance can save you from a huge financial loss. 

The Cost of Professional Liability Insurance in Winnipeg 

Every professional liability insurance policy rate varies because each professionals’ needs are different. How professional liability insurance for consultants protects their operations versus how it protects, for example, a forensic scientist is like comparing apples to oranges – and as such, their costs will be very different. The easiest way to determine how much professional liability insurance will cost you in Winnipeg is by getting a free, no-obligation quote with us today. 


If a client files a claim against your business, a business with more revenue will have more at stake. Because the client’s business is sustainable, they can ask for compensation damages in a lawsuit. Professional liability insurance is more expensive if your revenues are higher. 

Type of industry 

Every industry has its own risk level. The riskier your profession is, the more expensive your professional liability insurance will be.  


Experience leads to fewer mistakes so your professional liability insurance will be cheaper if you have more years of experience.  


Your professional liability insurance costs in Winnipeg will rise with the more employees you have. The likelihood that someone will cause an issue that results in a costly claim increase when you have more people. One freelance consultant meeting with one client is less risky than a whole firm that has multiple consultants meeting with clients every day. 

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How Can You Avoid a Professional Liability Insurance Claim? 

Having professional liability insurance in Winnipeg is the right choice, but you should also do your best to try and avoid having to use it! Basic risk management for professionals is a crucial part of any business operations. Here are a few tips to help avoid a claim:

  • Review contracts
    Each job should come with a contract agreement that clearly outlines your deliverables in detail. Before you sign any contracts, have a lawyer examine them. You should have a timeframe for completion, limits of liability, and a procedure to resolve any complaints.  
  • Communicate clearly
    Communication with clients is key to avoiding professional liability claims. This includes asking for feedback and confirming deadlines in writing. It is important to clearly communicate with your client at all stages of the project. Without communication, your final product may not be what they want. 
  • Limit your workload
    It doesn’t necessarily mean that you should only focus on one project at a time when you limit your workload. This means that you need to be aware of the capabilities and areas of expertise you have. It takes time to build trust with your employees, but it can be lost if not given the right care and process. 

Winnipeg Business Resources

If you’re a consultant or business located in Winnipeg, here are a few resources that can help you operate more effectively:

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