Commercial General Liability Insurance

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Team of Business People Discussing About Commercial General Liability Insurance.

What is Commercial General Liability?

Commercial General Liability Insurance, or “CGL Insurance”, is critical coverage for your business! Very simply, this policy will cover your business against claims brought by third parties for bodily injury, including death, or property damage THEY suffer as a result of YOUR business operations. This includes the actions or inactions of you and your employees while performing your business duties. These situations could occur on your business premises, on public property or at a client’s premises.

EXAMPLE 1: your employee goes to your client’s office to do a presentation, and while they are on a lunch break, the projector they brought malfunctions and overheats, scorching the client’s expensive boardroom table.

EXAMPLE 2: your client comes to your office for a meeting and trips on an edge of frayed carpet, falling and breaking his/her arm.

The CGL policy will pay to defend you, and pay for any judgements awarded against you (up to policy limits), should you/your business be held responsible for causing or contributing to someone’s injury or property damage.

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