Why Do Canadian Engineers Get Sued?

Why Do Canadian Engineers Get Sued?

The field of engineering constantly changes the way we interact with the world around us. From within Fortune 500 companies to small family owned business, engineering know-how is a necessity for innovation and advancement. This is the clear-cut reason why engineering is one of the most sought after fields in Canada. Whether a company employs their own group of engineers or sources engineering from a consultant or consulting company, the responsibilities of the engineer remain the same: to provide quality, reliable drawings, expertise and information to begin, troubleshoot and complete a project.

Regardless of what field of engineering you specialize in, your ability to withstand pressure has most likely served you well on and off the job. Unfortunately, the career that you have chosen comes with its fair amount of challenges, and the pressure surrounding your work is serious. In most cases, your direction results in the construction of a tangible product that will be used by many people. From buildings, bridges and roadways to kitchen gadgets, software and devices, a company’s engineering literally effects everything from the profit margin to brand reputation. With this type of responsibility resting on an engineer’s shoulders, it is no wonder why their errors or omissions are typically seen as the reason for failure in the field, financial loss and even public embarrassment.

Mistakes do happen, and mistakes in the engineering field can prove to be very costly. Costly in terms of time, money and even reputation. From design errors to timeline delays, projects rarely go as smoothly as one might like. In a perfect world, you would have the time and resources to ensure that no mistake gets past you but in reality, with limited resources and likely limited time, it is usually impossible to detect every error or inadvertent omission before submitting the final drawings. And if this error or omission causes your company or client a financial loss in the form of time, money or liability, they may look to pass the financial responsibility to you.

There is no question your best efforts are put forth on every project but sometimes you may need additional protection over and above your expertise and good intentions. To protect yourself from an unforeseen situation like this purchase a professional liability insurance policy. While most people are familiar with commercial general liability insurance quote policies and tend to opt for this insurance coverage alone, unfortunately, especially in the most inopportune events, they soon discover this type of coverage does not extend to cover claims stemming from professional advice and services. Professional liability insurance coverage, however, does protect you in situations where your professional advice or service is being challenged, such as in the case of a lawsuit. To protect yourself from claims related to professional advice and services, we recommend that you purchase a professional liability insurance policy for engineers.

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