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Scenario #2: Breach of Contract

At EasyCover, one of the more common Professional Liability claims we encounter is Breach of Contract.
Simply put, a Breach of Contract occurs when a client accuses you of not honoring the professional services or advice that were originally outlined in a contract. If the alleged Breach of Contract results in financial losses, you could be held accountable and taken to court.

Some examples of Breach of Contract include:

Failing to complete a contract on schedule
Failing to provide support services
Failing to meet all project deliverables
Missing or skipping a project milestone

You may have Commercial General Liability Insurance (also known as CGL Insurance) in place. However, in most cases, only Professional Liability Insurance can cover you if a Breach of Contract is related to a service you may have offered that’s resulted in potential financial loss for the client.

If you’re worried about Breach of Contract allegations being filed against you, EasyCover can help.

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