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Scenario #3 Professional Negligence

When it comes to Professional Liability, one of the most common scenarios we see at EasyCover is centered around Duty of Care & Professional Negligence.

Simply put, professional negligence claims are made when a client believes you’ve failed to take the proper precautions when carrying out a particular service. Professional negligence is closely related to Duty of Care, a legal guarantee of the quality of service you can expect from a professional. Should the level of service you receive fall below expectations established by your industry, then you could be charged with professional negligence and failure to uphold the proper level of Duty of Care.

Some examples of Professional Negligence and Duty of Care related issues include:

Failing to provide all information
Providing incorrect information
Failing to mention specific risks

You may have Commercial General Liability Insurance (also known CGL Insurance) already in place. However, this will only take effect in the event of property damage or physical harm to an individual. Other financial losses suffered by a client will not likely be covered under your CGL policy. In that instance, only Professional Liability Coverage can cover any resulting legal costs should you be sued because of your professional services or advice.

If you’re worried about Professional Negligence and Duty of Care allegations being filed against you, EasyCover can help.

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