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Who needs professional liability insurance? It’s a question many people have when they first hear about this unique form of insurance protection. At EasyCover, some of the most common professions we serve are accountants, architects, engineers, IT Professionals and consultants. However, if you provide a professional paid service of any kind, you may want to consider what could happen if a client believes you’ve provided faulty services or advice that has cost them money or their reputation.

If you’re a freelance contractor, small business owner who provides a professional service or advice and are worried about being sued by a client, then you are definitely someone who needs Professional Liability Insurance.

Professional Liability policies are different from Commercial General Liability policies.

With Professional Liability insurance, the industry standard is for insurance companies to offer coverage on a CLAIMS MADE AND REPORTED FORM.  This means that the policy will respond to claims made against you and reported to the insurer only within the policy term. The Professional Liability policy through EasyCover follows the industry standard and is also on a CLAIMS MADE form however we offer an unlimited retroactive date. This means we will respond to allegations/claims made against you for past work before you purchased your EasyCover policy as long as a) you only became aware of the grievance against you during the policy term and b) the claim is reported to us during the policy term. Many other Professional Liability policies set the retroactive date to the policy inception date, meaning you do not have coverage for past work.

Coverage by Industry

At EasyCover, we offer easily accessible and affordable Professional Liability Insurance for a variety of industries, including:

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Critical Protection

If you provide advice or professional services to your clients, and are sued due to your alleged negligence, your Commercial General Liability policy may not respond. You need the protection of Professional Liability Insurance.

Comprehensive Coverage

With EASYCOVER Professional Liability Insurance, you are protected against a broad variety of negligent acts, errors or omissions, backed by one of the oldest and most respected insurance providers in the world.

Affordable Rates

Get Canada’s first online Professional Liability Insurance at very competitive rates.

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