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Professional Liability Insurance for Acupuncturist

Even the most competent, qualified acupuncturist needs to protect themselves from the inherent risks that come when treating a client. Whether your patient is in their mid-20s or early 60s, varying risks will accompany any age. Liability insurance will not only protect you and your business, it will protect the clients who are in your care. In the event of a covered claim, professional liability insurance will cover the cost of court awarded damages to your client, and will pay for your defense costs. You can count on us to provide you with several options for coverage and make sure you are prepared for different challenges in your industry.

EasyCover Canada offers affordable Professional Liability Insurance for Acupuncturists. You may already have Commercial General Liability Insurance (CGL) in place, especially if you’re working for a larger company. However, CGL Insurance policies typically don’t cover damages resulting from professional services or advice. Our affordable Professional Liability Insurance will protect you in the event you are taken to court by a client who believes you have been negligent, in providing your services.

Different scenarios patients may experience during your course of practice:

  • In an effort to secure business, an acupuncturist advertises the benefits of treatment very broadly, and a client who doesn’t experience those benefits sues.
  • Although rare, needles pushed too deeply may cause damage to a client who may require compensation for further treatment.
  • As you know, clients who have bleeding disorders or are on blood thinners are more susceptible to injury from experiencing acupuncture.

In addition, administrative errors such adequately protecting your clients personal information can leave you vulnerable to claims. EasyCover provides options to protect your livelihood so you can continue to do the work you know and love.

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If you provide advice or professional services to your clients, and are sued due to your alleged negligence, your Commercial General Liability policy may not respond. You need the protection of Professional Liability Insurance.

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With EASYCOVER Professional Liability Insurance, you are protected against a broad variety of negligent acts, errors or omissions, backed by one of the oldest and most respected insurance providers in the world.

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Get Canada’s first online Professional Liability Insurance at very competitive rates.

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