Professional Liability Insurance for Calgary Photographers

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As a photographer, you offer a unique but highly sought-after service. Unfortunately, despite your talent, a client could claim financial loss due to your negligent photography services. For example, your computer could crash and all files get deleted – you have nothing to deliver a commercial client waiting on photos for a major advertising campaign. They could sue you to make up that financial loss.    

Mistakes happen. Luckily, EasyCover provides Calgary’s photographers with professional liability insurance to protect themselves financially. Get a quote online now! 

Why would a photographer need professional liability insurance in Calgary?

Photographers need professional liability insurance in Calgary in case past or present clients sue them for financial loss arising from professional negligence. There’s always the risk that a dissatisfied customer may come back to haunt you and allege you made a mistake, whether or not you have done anything wrong. If you couldn’t afford to cover the costs of a lawsuit out of your own pocket, this insurance is essential. 

In some cases, your contract may require that you carry professional liability insurance. This is commonly seen if you provide photography services for commercial projects or have larger contracts.  

Professional liability insurance helps cover legal expenses if you’re sued for causing financial loss due to your services. This includes defence costs, settlement fees, and judgement awards.  

Note – your photographer’s professional liability insurance may cover legal expenses for professional liability claims but excludes coverage for claims of bodily injury and property damage. You’ll need commercial general liability insurance to cover that type of claim. 

Types of Insurance for Calgary Photographers 

EasyCover specializes in professional liability insurance but also offers several other critical protections: 

  • Commercial general liability 
  • Cyber liability  

Your business may not require all of these different coverages, but it’s important to evaluate each one against your risks.  

Cyber Liability Insurance 

Photographers usually work with a lot of digital equipment, software and storage. You also deal with a client’s personal information. This means your business is at risk of a privacy breach or cyberattack. Cyber liability insurance can help your photography business cover expenses if this happens. This includes extortion payments, legal expenses, digital asset theft, regulatory fines and more.  

Commercial General Liability Insurance (CGL) 

Commercial general liability insurance (also known as CGL) is one of the most highly recommended forms of insurance for businesses. If a third party is hurt or has their property damaged due to your negligence (or an employee’s negligence), this coverage will help cover associated expenses such as legal defence costs.   

We recommend photographers in Calgary carry this coverage in the event you or your photography equipment accidentally causes injury or property damage while you’re on a job. It’s very easy to trip over a light stand or backdrop!  

Our coverage limits start at $1 million and can be extended based on your needs.  

The Cost of Photographers Professional Liability Insurance in Calgary 

Here are some examples of what a photographer in Calgary can expect to pay for professional liability insurance in Calgary: 

  • A photographer who earns $65,000 per year as a sole proprietor in Calgary may pay an average of $440 per year for our base professional liability insurance. Another $400 per year will get you our base level of commercial general liability and cyber liability coverage.
  • A photographer who earns $145,000 per year with three employees in Calgary may pay an average of $1050 per year for their professional liability insurance, commercial general liability and cyber liability insurance.

Your individual rates will depend on a few factors, including: 

  • The type of photography you do 
  • The value of your contracts and how many you have each year 
  • Your insurance history 
  • If you have employees, and if so, how many 
  • Which province(s) you operate in
  • Your coverage options 

You can quickly get a quote online to see how much your professional liability insurance will cost you.  

What is covered by photographers professional liability insurance in Calgary? 

If a third party sues you for causing them financial loss as a result of your professional services, professional liability will cover your legal expenses. This includes defence costs, settlements and judgement awards. Keep in mind this only applies up to your policy limit.  

We offer three levels of coverage at Easy Cover: 

  • $1 million 
  • $2 million 
  • $5 million 

The amount of coverage you need depends on the likelihood and expected cost of a lawsuit.  

Our policies can also include retroactive cover, which means you’re covered for claims for previous financial loss outside of the policy period.  

As a photographer, you have multiple risks that could result in a lawsuit. You could mismanage and damage files from a shoot, or lose a client’s photographs, leading to a claim. Having photographers’ professional liability insurance in Calgary is the best way to protect your business’s bottom line. 

Keep in mind that professional liability insurance doesn’t protect Calgary photographers from any other types of liability claims, including causing injury or property damage. You’ll need commercial general liability coverage for that type of claim. It also doesn’t cover your photography equipment.  

Types of Photographers EasyCover Insures in Calgary

EasyCover insures the following types of photographers in Calgary:

  • Drone photographers 
  • Event photographers 
  • Wedding photographers 
  • Fashion photographers 
  • Freelance photographers 
  • Videographers 

EasyCover can insure all types of photographers for businesses that have up to 5 employees, except for paparazzi. 

Why do photographers choose EasyCover for professional liability insurance in Calgary? 

Professional photographers choose EasyCover because of our convenience and great coverage.  We are dedicated to making the process of getting insurance as quick and easy as possible, while still offering good protection and affordable rates. 

Protect yourself against the unexpected.

Protect yourself against the unexpected with Professional Liability Insurance for Calgary Consultants from EasyCover.

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