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As a legal professional, you already understand how litigation can be a huge financial drain on a business. Regardless of how diligent you are, a client or third party can always sue you for financial loss due to negligence. Professional liability insurance can protect legal service businesses in Halifax from those costs.  

EasyCover makes getting professional liability insurance easy for legal professionals in Halifax. It’s conveniently online and quick to get a quote. No need to call in or wait – you can even purchase your policy and be insured in a few minutes! 

What is covered by professional liability insurance for legal professionals in Halifax? 

Professional liability insurance can help legal professionals in Halifax cover legal costs incurred by your business if you’re accused of professional negligence causing financial loss. This can include defense expenses, judgement awards and settlements.  

As a bonus, EasyCover’s policies include retroactive cover. This means claims brought against you during your current policy period for wrongful acts that occurred prior to the policy start date are covered. You will need to disclose any potential situations that could result in a lawsuit.  

We offer three levels of professional liability coverage for legal professionals in Halifax: 

  • $1 million 
  • $2 million 
  • $5 million 

This is the maximum amount your policy will pay out over your 12-month policy term, regardless of how many claims you have. Choose the limit that best meets your needs based on any contractual requirements, projected costs of a lawsuit and the likelihood of a claim.  

Keep in mind that professional liability insurance does not cover any other liability claims. We do offer commercial general liability, directors and officers liability and cyber liability coverage to round out your protection.

Why Choose EasyCover for your finance professional liability insurance in Halifax? 

Legal professionals trust in EasyCover as one of the few online portals in Canada that eliminates the middleman when it comes to purchasing insurance. Legal professionals can purchase professional liability insurance in Halifax quickly and easily. You can work with confidence knowing you’ve got great coverage for a competitive price. 

Getting a quote is easy with EasyCover’s online tool. We’ll ask you about the following: 

  • Your business operations
  • Contact information 
  • Where you operate (in which provinces)
  • How many employees you have
  • Insurance history
  • Insurance coverage options

It only takes a couple of minutes to get a quote and purchase your insurance.

Legal Services Professionals that EasyCover Insures in Halifax  

EasyCover can insure legal professionals or businesses with up to 5 employees, including:

  • General legal support 
  • Legal executives  
  • Legal secretaries 
  • Legal training 
  • Paralegal 

If your speciality is not listed in the examples above, contact EasyCover to discuss your options today. We can always refer you to a trusted industry partner!

Additional liability coverage options for legal professionals in Halifax

EasyCover offers legal professionals professional liability insurance in Halifax, but it also provides commercial general liability, directors and officers insurance, and cyber liability insurance for businesses that require additional protection. In order to keep your business sufficiently insured, it’s imperative that you consider all options or risk leaving a gap in your coverage. 

Cyber Liability Insurance 

Cyber liability insurance is designed to help cover certain costs following an alleged or actual hacking event or privacy breach. EasyCover’s cyber liability coverage includes network security liability and privacy liability. It may help cover the cost of network security and privacy breach costs, business income interruption losses, defense costs, extortion fees, digital asset losses, and regulatory fines. 

Every policy has a specified limit, so be sure to familiarize yourself with yours and note any exclusions or separate deductibles. 

Commercial General Liability Insurance (CGL) 

Commercial general liability insurance, often called CGL insurance, is a necessity for all businesses. This type of insurance covers your legal expenses if you’re sued for causing bodily injury or property damage to a third party due to negligent acts. A common example is a visitor slipping and falling at your office. 

Directors and Officers Liability Insurance 

Directors and officers can be held personally responsible for their actions while serving on a board of directors if they have acted outside the law or failed to perform their duties properly.  Directors and officers liability insurance (D&O) is designed to offer protection for directors and officers, covering legal expenses from claims brought by regulatory bodies, suppliers and vendors, employees, creditors, and customers. 

Criminal penalties or offences will not be covered as this type of loss is not insurable by law.

How much does professional liability insurance in Halifax cost for Legal Service providers? 

There is no “one” price for professional liability insurance in Halifax. Your rates will depend on:

  • Your annual revenue
  • The number of employees you have
  • If you operate only in Nova Scotia or in additional provinces
  • The type of business you do
  • Your insurance history
  • Your coverage options

Halifax legal professionals may use the following examples to gauge a rough idea of cost:

  • A paralegal earning $80,000 per year as an independent contractor in Halifax may pay an average of $440 per year for basic professional liability insurance. For an extra $370, they could add commercial general liability and cyber liability to their policy. 
  • For $1729, a legal executive with 3 employees earning $475,000 per year could have basic professional liability, cyber liability and commercial general liability insurance.

To gain a better idea of what your legal professionals’ professional liability insurance in Halifax will cost, use EasyCover’s online tool for a free quote. It only takes a few minutes to do. 

Why do legal professionals in Halifax choose EasyCover? 

EasyCover offers instant, online coverage for legal service businesses in Halifax. We make it easy to get great professional liability coverage.  Simply answer our questions about your business operations, choose your coverages and pay online and you’re insured! 

Protect yourself against the unexpected.

Protect yourself against the unexpected with Professional Liability Insurance for Halifax legal services from EasyCover.

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