Professional Liability Insurance for Regina Finance Professionals

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Financial services consultant working in Regina.

As a financial professional in Regina, you make a living helping individuals and businesses manage their wealth. But money is complex and can be contentious, which puts you at risk of being sued.  

Defending yourself against claims of professional negligence and mistakes can be costly and detrimental to your business. But having professional liability insurance in Regina can help financial experts in Regina cover defence costs—even when the claims made against you are not warranted. 

Don’t put your financial well-being at risk. Get professional liability insurance from EasyCover. 

What is professional liability insurance for financial professionals in Regina? 

Professional liability insurance (also known as errors and omissions) provides legal expense coverage to financial experts in Regina when a client claims your advice or service resulted in financial damages.  

This unique form of coverage can help financial professionals in Regina cover defence costs, no matter if the claim made against you is groundless or not. In cases where you are found legally responsible, professional liability insurance could also help financial professionals in Regina pay settlements and judgement awards. 


Why do financial professionals in Regina need professional liability insurance?  

As a financial professional in Regina, individuals or businesses rely on you to help manage their money. No matter your knowledge or years of experience, mistakes happen, and clients can sue to recover their financial losses. Without the right insurance, you’ll have to cover legal defence expenses out of pocket. This could financially ruin your business and, in a worst-case scenario, also drain your personal assets. 

Professional liability insurance provides protection should a client claim they suffered monetary damages because of your negligent financial advice or service.  

3 reasons financial professionals in Regina choose EasyCover for professional liability insurance 

It’s important for financial professionals in Regina to protect themselves from unexpected and expensive lawsuits. Here’s why EasyCover is the best choice for financial service professional liability insurance: 

Protection for various financial experts in Regina 

EasyCover provides professional liability insurance to many financial expert occupations in Regina, including: 

  • Analysts 
  • Bookkeepers 
  • Chartered Professional Accountants 
  • Compliance specialists 
  • Credit controllers 
  • Financial controllers 
  • Management accountants 
  • Payroll specialists 
  • Regulatory reporters 
  • Treasurers 

Don’t see your specialty listed? Contact us and EasyCover’s professional liability insurance brokers can discuss your options and help find you coverage. 

Affordable and comprehensive coverage for financial professionals in Regina 

There are several factors that will determine your professional liability insurance premium, including: 

  • your area of expertise 
  • the size of your business 
  • your level of coverage 
  • your insurance and claims history 

Premiums for financial professionals in Regina could start between $330 and $495 per year for $1 million in coverage. We also offer $2 million and $5 million limit options in coverage. 

In addition to professional liability insurance, EasyCover offers financial experts in Regina the option to add other liability coverages for more comprehensive protection, including commercial general liability, directors and officers insurance, and cyber insurance. 


It takes just minutes for financial professionals in Regina to get insurance 

With EasyCover, financial experts in Regina can get their free quote and purchase their professional liability insurance in about five minutes—all of which can be completed online without the need to speak with a broker. 

It takes just three easy steps to get an instant quote: 

  1. Provide your contact information. 
  2. Answer a couple of questions about your business, including your annual revenue and number of employees. 
  3. Select your professional liability coverage limit and decide if you want to include additional coverages. 

After reviewing your instant quote, you can pay your annual premium online. And, like that, you’re covered! 

Get PLI for Finance Professionals in Regina

Protect yourself against the unexpected with Professional Liability Insurance for Finance Professionals in Regina from EasyCover.

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