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If you’re an IT contractor or have a business in the information technology industry in Regina, you run the risk of being sued if a client blames you for any financial loss. You may already have other insurance protection, but   only professional liability insurance will cover Regina’s IT professionals in such a lawsuit.  This coverage can protect you if a client accuses you of negligence or a mistake stemming from hardware and software you may have worked on or any technical advice you may have provided that causes them financial loss. 

Fortunately, EasyCover is a trusted professional liability insurance broker – we make it easy to get your quote and policy online in just a matter of minutes. 

No matter if you’re a freelance contractor or small IT business owner operating in Regina, get IT professional liability insurance so you can focus on your work with peace of mind. 


Who needs professional liability insurance? 

IT professionals in Regina who provide a service or professional advice should have professional liability insurance. This coverage (also known as errors and omissions insurance) can protect you from bearing the financial burden of unexpected lawsuits should you be accused of causing financial loss to your client.  

EasyCover provides professional liability insurance to IT contractors and IT businesses in Regina, including: 

  • CRM Systems Consultants 
  • IT Facilities Managers 
  • IT Hardware Consultants 
  • IT Hardware Sellers and Suppliers 
  • IT Network Architects 
  • IT Outsourcing Consultants 
  • IT Program Managers 
  • IT Software Consultants 
  • IT Software Programmers 
  • IT Software Sellers 
  • IT Software Testers 
  • IT Systems Analyst 
  • IT System Designers 
  • IT Trainers 
  • Network Communication Consultants 
  • PC / IT Network Supporters  
  • Search Engine Optimization Consultants  
  • Telecommunication Consultants 
  • Website Developers 

Don’t see your profession? Don’t worry. EasyCover’s professional liability insurance brokers in Regina can discuss your options and find you coverage at a competitive price.

How much will IT professional liability insurance cost in Regina? 

The cost of professional liability insurance for Regina’s IT professionals depends on several factors, including: 

  • your business operations 
  • where you operate 
  • your company revenue  
  • the number of individuals your business employs 
  • the level of coverage you select  
  • your insurance and claims history 

With EasyCover, professional liability insurance premiums for IT contractors and consultants in Regina start at $330 per year. You can also add cyber coverage to your policy, for which premiums start at an additional $150 per year. 

What does IT professional liability insurance cover in Regina? 

Professional liability insurance can help IT contractors and employees working in Regina cover costs should a client claim your professional service or technical advice resulting in a financial loss. Your IT professional liability policy could cover the damages and costs your client amasses, your legal defence costs, loss of pay resulting from attending court, and costs associated with repairing, replacing or reconstituting any lost documents. 

Some examples of common professional liability claims for IT professionals include: 

  • A software product you developed or installed fails to perform properly, resulting in a financial loss for your client. 
  • You accidentally infringe on the intellectual property owned by your client or a third party while installing or developing software or hardware. 
  • Your custom-made IT product breaks down, causing financial damages and business interruption for your client. 
  • You unintentionally breach confidential information related to your client while working on their IT infrastructure. 

3 reasons IT contractors and consultants should have professional liability insurance  


  1. Mistakes happen. Even the most skilled IT professionals make errors, which can ultimately prove costly for clients. EasyCover’s professional liability insurance protects IT contractors and consultants in Regina from unintentional mistakes. Should your client sue, professional liability insurance can help cover your legal costs as well as judgement awards and settlements.
  2. Commercial general liability insurance doesn’t cover it. Without professional liability insurance, your IT business will be left covering legal expenses should a client claim your service or technical advice resulted in a financial loss. This is because commercial general liability insurance does not provide coverage in this scenario. It only covers you if negligent acts result in bodily injury or property damage to a third party. Do not skip on professional liability insurance if you work as an IT consultant or run an IT business in Regina.
  3. It’s affordable peace of mind. With EasyCover’s professional liability insurance, IT professionals in Regina can pay annual premiums that start at $330 for $1 million in coverage. You can also choose to up your protection to $2 million or $5 million in coverage. Even better? You can easily add on general liability, cyber liability and director and officer’s liability protection 


What optional coverages are available for IT professionals in Regina? 

Besides offering professional liability insurance, EasyCover can also provide a few additional protections for IT professionals in Regina.  

Commercial General Liability Insurance (CGL) 

Commercial general liability insurance (CGL) is the most basic form of liability insurance.  It offers protection in the event that you or any of your employees accidentally injure a third party or cause damage to their property while carrying out business operations. This includes any injuries or damages that occur on your premises or on a client’s property. 

 CGL insurance is considered a critical coverage option and if you have professional liability insurance but leave CGL out, you may leave your business vulnerable. We start CGL coverage at $1 million but you can choose higher limits if desired or required. 

Directors and Officers Liability Insurance 

Directors and officers can be held personally responsible for their actions while serving on a board of directors if they have acted outside the law or failed to perform their duties properly.  Directors and officers liability insurance (D&O) is designed to offer protection for directors and officers, covering legal expenses from claims brought by regulatory bodies, suppliers and vendors, employees, creditors, and customers. 

Criminal penalties or offences will not be covered as this type of loss is not insurable by law 

Cyber Liability Insurance 

As an IT professional, you’re well aware of the dangers of cyberattacks. Cyber liability insurance is designed to help cover certain costs following an alleged or actual hacking event or privacy breach. EasyCover’s cyber liability coverage includes network security liability and privacy liability. It may help cover the cost of network security and privacy breach costs, business income interruption losses, defence costs, extortion fees, digital asset losses, and regulatory fines. 

Every policy has a specified limit, so be sure to familiarize yourself with yours and note any exclusions or separate deductibles. 

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