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Photographers in Regina are expected to capture the moments that matter but, no matter your level of professionalism or talent, mistakes can happen. Fortunately, EasyCover’s Photographers professional liability insurance can protect you when things go wrong, such as a missed photoshoot or memory card malfunctioning before images are delivered to a client.  


You may have other insurance, but these policies won’t cover you if a client claims your photography service caused them financial damages. Make sure you’re covered so you’re not left bearing the costs of an unexpected lawsuit. 


EasyCover provides professional liability insurance to photographers in Regina, including:  

  • Corporate and event photographers 
  • Fashion photographers 
  • Freelance investigative photographers (including photojournalists) 
  • Portrait photographers (including family, maternity, newborn, boudoir, studio)  
  • Videographers 
  • Wedding photographers 


Contact us if you don’t see your specialty listed. EasyCover’s professional liability insurance brokers will happily discuss your options and find you affordable coverage.  

What is professional liability insurance? 

No one is immune to lawsuits. Professional liability insurance in Regina —also known as errors and omissions insurance—offers protection should a client claim your professional advice or service caused them a financial loss. 

For example, professional liability insurance can help photographers in Regina cover defence costs if sued for: 

  • making a professional mistake; 
  • failing to deliver a final product; or, 
  • acts of negligence causing financial loss. 

Why do photographers in Regina need professional liability insurance? 

The things you might stress about as a photographer—such as missing a photoshoot or losing clients’ images—can do more than damage your professional reputation. They can also lead to a lawsuit. If you’re paid to take pictures, you can be sued if a client claims your service caused them financial damage.  


For example, professional liability insurance can help protect photographers in Regina from lawsuits that might stem from:  

  • Missing a photoshoot. For example, you could be involved in a car accident on your way to photograph a wedding and you miss the event. The couple hires another photographer at the last minute for a much higher rate and sues you for the extra expense. 
  • Not delivering images. For example, you lose or damage your memory cards or film. The client holds you liable for the cost of the re-shoot. 
  • Releasing images to the wrong party. For example, you accidently send photos to the wrong publication and your clients sues you for breach of contract. 


Accidents happen and emotions often run high with photoshoots, whether you are photographing a wedding or a new product for a business. It’s important to protect yourself and your business. 

What does professional liability insurance cover for photographers? 

With professional liability insurance from EasyCover, photographers in Regina can rest easy knowing they have coverage if they’re accused of negligence—whether warranted or not. 


Professional liability insurance can help protect photographers by covering legal defence costs, settlements and judgement awards if they’re accused of causing financial loss due to their negligent professional service or advice, or failure to provide their services.  

How much does professional liability insurance cost photographers in Regina? 

The cost of professional liability insurance for photographers in Regina is based on several factors, including: 

  • the type of photography service you provide 
  • your company revenue 
  • where you operate 
  • the number of individuals your business employs 
  • the amount of coverage you have 
  • your insurance and claims history 


With EasyCover, professional liability insurance premiums for photographers in Regina could start at $330 per year. It’s affordable peace of mind. 

What optional coverages are available for consultants in Regina? 

Besides offering professional liability insurance, EasyCover can also provide a few additional protections for consultants in Regina.  

Commercial General Liability Insurance (CGL) 

Commercial general liability insurance (CGL) is the most basic form of liability insurance.  It offers protection in the event that you or any of your employees accidentally injure a third party or cause damage to their property while carrying out business operations. This includes any injuries or damages that occur on your premises or on a client’s property. 

 CGL insurance is considered a critical coverage option and if you have professional liability insurance but leave CGL out, you may leave your business vulnerable. We start CGL coverage at $1 million but you can choose higher limits if desired or required. 

Directors and Officers Liability Insurance 

Directors and officers can be held personally responsible for their actions while serving on a board of directors if they have acted outside the law or failed to perform their duties properly.  Directors and officers liability insurance (D&O) is designed to offer protection for directors and officers, covering legal expenses from claims brought by regulatory bodies, suppliers and vendors, employees, creditors, and customers. 

Criminal penalties or offences will not be covered as this type of loss is not insurable by law 

Cyber Liability Insurance 

Cyber liability insurance is designed to help cover certain costs following an alleged or actual hacking event or privacy breach. EasyCover’s cyber liability coverage includes network security liability and privacy liability. It may help cover the cost of network security and privacy breach costs, business income interruption losses, defence costs, extortion fees, digital asset losses, and regulatory fines. 

Every policy has a specified limit, so be sure to familiarize yourself with yours and note any exclusions or separate deductibles. 

Why should photographers in Regina choose EasyCover for professional liability insurance? 

EasyCover offers photographers in Regina affordable rates and comprehensive coverage. Our unique online platform makes it easy to get your free quote and policy in just minutes, anytime of the day, without needing to speak with a broker (although our experienced brokers are available should you need to connect with one). 


You can also opt for standalone coverage or choose to add-on commercial general liability and cyber liability protection. These can help protect your business if someone accidentally gets hurt or has their property damaged (such as a model slipping or a light falling over) or if you experience a cyberattack or data breach, respectively.   


With EasyCover, it’s quick and painless to get your quote and to purchase insurance. All you need to do is: 

  • provide your contact information; 
  • answer a couple of questions about your business; 
  • select your coverage (we offer $1 million, $2 million and $5 million); 
  • review your quote, which you’ll receive instantly; and, 
  • pay online. 


That’s all it takes to get your professional liability insurance through EasyCover. 

There are many types of liability insurance and each will cover a different risk. Professional liability insurance specifically protects consultants if they’re sued for causing financial loss due to negligence.  

These are two different types of insurance that cover two different types of liability risk. Professional liability insurance covers consultants if they are sued for causing financial loss to a third party in the course of providing their service or professional advice. General liability wouldn’t cover you in this situation, as it covers injuries and property damage caused by negligent acts. 

PLI for Photographers in Regina

Protect yourself against the unexpected with Professional Liability Insurance for Photographers in Regina from EasyCover.

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