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A forensic expert in Saskatoon.

As a forensic expert, you may be involved in preparing and providing evidence for legal proceedings. This may lead to you being accused of making a mistake causing financial loss, which may have legal consequences. EasyCover offers professional liability insurance to Saskatoon’s forensic experts to protect them if this happens.  

Read on to learn more about professional liability insurance in Saskatoon coverage.

Do forensic experts in Saskatoon need professional liability insurance? 

Professional liability insurance can cover legal expenses for forensic experts in Saskatoon if they’re sued for causing financial loss as a result of their professional service or advice. Legal expenses may include defence costs, judgement awards and settlements.  

Could you afford the cost of a lawsuit out of pocket? Most people and businesses cannot. The biggest reason for forensic experts in Saskatoon to have professional liability insurance is it protects them financially.  

Additionally, this type of insurance may be required or recommended by professional associations or regulatory bodies. It’s also often required in contracts.  

What’s covered by professional liability insurance for forensic experts in Saskatoon? 

Professional liability insurance is designed to cover legal expenses arising from a claim of financial loss by a third party as a result of a forensic expert’s professional service or advice. For example, you could be accused of making a mistake leading to a wrongful conviction which resulted in a loss of income and other financial repercussions.  

Even if you haven’t actually made a mistake – you’ve just been accused of making one – you’ll still need to cover your legal defence costs. Professional liability insurance may cover you whether or not you’ve actually made a mistake (although you’re not covered for any intentional and criminal actions).  

A benefit of choosing EasyCover for your professional liability insurance is that our coverage is retroactive. That means any claims that occur during your policy period that arise from your past actions are covered for the duration of your policy with us. This comes in handy as liability claims can take some time to manifest, meaning a claim against you could surface years later. Just be sure to disclose any potential claims to your insurer as soon as you are aware of them. 


Covered legal expenses may include defence costs, judgement awards and settlements, up to your policy limit. We offer three limits: 

  • $1,000,000 
  • $2,000,000 
  • $5,000,000 

Choose your limit based on the likelihood of a lawsuit and expected cost of a lawsuit, your annual revenue, and the number of clients and value of each contract.  

Does EasyCover offer any other coverages for forensic experts in Saskatoon? 

Yes, we have three optional business insurance coverages available for forensic experts in Saskatoon.  

Commercial General Liability 

If someone gets hurt or has their property damaged by your negligent acts (or acts of your employee), this CGL insurance helps cover the costs. A common example is if someone visited your lab and slipped on a wet spot. If they’re hurt, they could sue you.  

Note that this coverage doesn’t include damage to your property or injury to your employees.  

Cyber Liability 

Cyber insurance covers expenses related to recovering from a cyber-attack or data breach. This can include legal expenses, regulatory fines, public relations, ransom fees and more (up to your policy limit).  

Director and Officers Liability 

D&O: If you’re held personally responsible for a breach of your duties as director or officer, this coverage can help cover your legal expenses and protect your personal assets.  

How much does professional liability insurance cost forensic experts in Saskatoon?  

Your annual revenue, number of employees, the province(s) in which you operate, and insurance options have a major impact on professional liability insurance rates for forensic experts in Saskatoon.  

Here are some examples of what you may pay: 

  • A toxicologist earning $85,000 a year may pay $440 per year for basic professional liability insurance. They could add on cyber liability for $150 per year and $220 for commercial general liability.  
  • A fire scene investigator earning $105,000 a year may pay $660 each year for basic professional liability insurance.  
  • A particulate expert earning $75,000 a year may pay $440 per year for basic professional liability insurance. 

Remember, these are just examples and your individual rates may vary.  

PLI for Saskatoon Forensic Experts

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