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As a legal services professional, you are well aware of the costs of a lawsuit. It’s important to protect your business from this type of financial burden. Luckily, EasyCover makes it simple. We offer professional liability insurance to legal service providers in Saskatoon. We’re entirely online, meaning you can get a quote when it’s convenient for you and quickly purchase a policy without waiting for the next business day or returning phone calls.  

What is covered by professional liability insurance for legal services in Saskatoon? 

Often known as errors and omissions or E&O insurance, professional liability insurance can help cover legal costs if you’re sued for causing financial loss to a third party as a result of your professional service or advice. This includes defence expenses, judgement awards and settlement fees.  

An example would be if you incorrectly filed a real estate document, causing financial loss to a third party. They sue you to cover their loss of income or costs incurred due to your advice.  

A benefit to choosing EasyCover is that our coverage is retroactive. This means that any claims made during your policy period that arise from your previous actions are covered for the policy period. This is very important for legal service professionals, as a wrongful action can take time to be discovered. Just remember you are obligated to disclose any potential claims as soon as you are aware of them.  

We offer three limits of coverage for Saskatoon PLI:  

  • $1,000,000 
  • $2,000,000 
  • $5,000,000 

You should choose the limit that best suits your company’s needs. Consider the likelihood of a lawsuit, the average cost of a lawsuit in your industry, your annual revenue, the number of clients you have and the value of individual projects or contracts. You should also check if you have any contractual obligations or regulatory requirements for professional liability insurance.  

How much does professional liability insurance cost for legal services in Saskatoon? 

The cost of professional liability insurance for legal services in Saskatoon will depend on each individual situation. Rates are determined in part by the following factors: 

  • If you operate exclusively in Saskatchewan or also in other provinces. 
  • Your annual revenue. 
  • The type of legal services work you do.  
  • If you have employees (and if so, how many). 
  • Your insurance options.  

For example, a paralegal working in Saskatoon earning $85,000 per year may pay $440 per year for basic professional liability insurance. If they wanted to add on cyber liability coverage, that would potentially cost another $150 per year. If they wanted to add basic commercial general liability, that may cost them an extra $220 per year. This is a total of $810 per year, exclusive of provincial taxes.  

Note: This example is for reference only and doesn’t indicate an agreed premium. 

Optional Coverages Offered by EasyCover for Legal Services in Saskatoon 

EasyCover offers three types of business insurance as an optional add-on for our customers.  

Commercial General Liability 

Commonly referred to as CGL insurance, this coverage helps cover expenses if a third party is hurt or has their property damaged due to negligence by you or an employee. A common example is a client visiting your office and tripping, falling down the stairs and injuring themselves. They could sue you to cover their costs incurred due to the injury like medical expenses and lost wages. 

Note that this policy doesn’t cover injury to your employees or damage to your company’s property. 

Cyber Liability 

Cyber-attacks are on the rise and any type of business can be a victim. This coverage helps cover costs associated with recovering from a cyber-attack or data breach, up to your policy limit. This can include regulatory fines, public relations expenses and legal costs. 

Directors and Officers Liability 

D&O: If you’re held personally liable for breaching your duties as a director and officer, this coverage can help with your legal expenses and protect your personal assets.  


Protect yourself against the unexpected.

Protect yourself against the unexpected with Professional Liability Insurance for Saskatoon Legal Services from EasyCover.

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