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New media professional in Saskatoon

As a new media or digital media consultant in Saskatoon, you are likely working with many different clients. While no one wants to make mistakes, they do happen – or, potentially worse, you may be accused of making a mistake that never happened. Resulting lawsuits can be financially devastating. Luckily, EasyCover offers professional liability insurance to new media contractors in Saskatoon. We’re online and make it easy to get affordable coverage.  

Do new media professionals in Saskatoon need professional liability insurance? 

We strongly recommend new media contractors working in Saskatoon have professional liability insurance. First, lawsuits are expensive. Could you cover your costs out of pocket? Most can’t, which is why having a Saskatoon professional liability insurance is a benefit. EasyCover’s policies are also retroactive, which means claims made during your policy period that arise from your previous actions are covered. This is a huge bonus for you! 

Second, you may be required to have professional liability insurance (or strongly recommended to have it) in your contracts, by clients or by a regulatory agency or professional association.  

What’s covered by professional liability insurance for new media consultants in Saskatoon? 

Professional liability insurance covers legal expenses if a new media contractor is sued for causing financial loss to a third party as a result of their professional service or advice. This includes defence costs, settlements, and judgement awards.  

We offer three limits: $1,000,000; $2,000,000; and $5,000,000. Choose the limit that fits your individual needs. You should consider the likelihood of a lawsuit (and its average cost in your industry), your annual revenue, the number of clients you have and the value of the projects you work on.  

How much does professional liability insurance cost for Saskatoon’s new media consultants? 

Basic professional liability insurance may start at $440 per year for new media professionals in Saskatoon. However, your rates may be higher depending on your annual revenue, where you operate, if you have employees, your insurance options and other factors.  

You can get an online professional liability insurance quote for new media consultants in Saskatoon in under five minutes! Find out how much your coverage will cost easily and quickly. 

Optional Coverages for New Media Contractors in Saskatoon 

EasyCover offers three optional business insurance coverages for new media professionals in Saskatoon: 

  • Directors and officers liability helps cover legal expenses if you’re sued for being in breach of your duties as a director or officer, helping protect your personal assets. 
  • Cyber liability helps cover recovery costs after a cyber-attack or data breach, up to your policy limit. This can include legal expenses, regulatory fines, public relations costs and more. 
  • Commercial general liability is a standard coverage for businesses. It covers expenses if someone is hurt or has their property damaged as a result of negligent acts by you or your employee.  

PLI for Saskatoon New Media Consultants

Protect yourself against the unexpected with Professional Liability Insurance for Saskatoon New Media Consultants from EasyCover.

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