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Understanding Construction Liability Insurance.

Whether you’re a Toronto construction contractor overseeing a small project or a consultant managing a large group of sub-contractors in the GTA, at any time your clients could accuse you of failing to meet project deadlines and budgets, or accuse you of errors that may have occurred under your supervision.

Unfortunately, most Toronto construction insurance policies don’t cover service-based claim scenarios. As a result, you could face huge legal defense costs—-even if you’re not found liable.

Fortunately, EasyCover offers Toronto Construction Professional Liability Insurance. This unique form of coverage goes beyond standard construction insurance, offering additional protection should you be sued due to allegedly providing faulty advice or a service-based error or omission. It’s the ultimate way for Torontonians working in construction to protect their finances and reputation.


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Examples of Toronto Construction Professional Liability Insurance

Typical scenarios for claims can include:

  • Sub-contractor fails to deliver on time:

    A sub-contractor fails to meet the deadline for his or her work and the client holds you responsible for the extra time

  • Project exceeds original estimate:

    A project unexpectedly exceeds the original budget due to a third-party change and the client holds you liable for the difference

  • Staff error:

    Employees under your supervision install a component of a project incorrectly after miscommunication with a client representative. The client holds you liable for the error


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Protect yourself against the unexpected.

Protect yourself against the unexpected with Toronto Construction Professional Liability Insurance from EasyCover.

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