Professional Liability Insurance for Vancouver IT Professionals

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As an IT professional, people rely on and trust your expertise. If a current or former client feels that you have broken that trust, they could sue you for financial damages caused by your advice or opinion.

Even if the allegations are false, this could be financially damaging for your business and your reputation as an IT professional in Vancouver.

Fortunately, a professional liability insurance policy can protect your Vancouver information technology business.

Why Do Vancouver IT Professionals Need Professional Liability Insurance?

Whether you have two clients or hundreds, a professional liability insurance policy (also known as errors and omissions) can protect you and your Vancouver IT business against accusations of financial loss.

For an IT professional in any field, an accusation of this kind could be damaging to your business and reputation. The cost of defending a claim could make it difficult to keep your business running, and damage done to your reputation could make it difficult to grow your business.

What does IT professional liability insurance cover in Vancouver?

Professional liability insurance in Vancouver generally covers defamation, professional negligence, infringement of intellectual property rights and misuse of information.

How much is covered and what exactly is covered is dependent on your specific policy and selected coverage level.

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How much coverage should you have as an IT professional in Vancouver?

EasyCover offers a few professional liability coverage level options for IT professionals in Vancouver, BC:

  • $1 million
  • $2 million
  • $5 million

The amount of professional liability coverage you need as a Vancouver-based IT professional will depend on a few factors, such as:

  • The number of clients you service
  • Your annual revenue
  • The size and scope of projects you work on
  • The potential financial impact of a lawsuit

If you have questions about choosing the right amount of coverage, our team is here to help! Contact us at [email protected] or 1.844.439.2683.

How do I get IT Professional Liability Insurance in Vancouver?

We make getting a professional liability insurance policy easy for IT professionals in Vancouver. In minutes, you can have a professional liability insurance policy – without even having to speak to a broker!

  1. Fill in basic personal and company information and answer a few questions.
  2. Review your quote and select your coverage.
  3. Make a secure online payment and have your confirmation of insurance emailed to you.
  4. Work with confidence.

While you don’t have to speak to a broker, our experienced team is happy to help. Call us at 1.844.439.2683 or send us an email at [email protected] and we’ll answer your questions and help you select the right coverage.

Additional coverage for Vancouver IT professionals

Depending on your needs as a Vancouver IT professional, you may need supplementary coverages to help protect your business.

In addition to professional liability coverage, EasyCover also offers:

  • Cyber liability insurance. This type of policy protects you and your business from financial damages in the event of a loss caused by a phishing scheme, ransomware attack, or other cyber-attack.
  • Commercial general liability insurance. If a third party was injured or sustained property damage because of your business operation, this coverage can help defend you from these sorts of claims.
  • Directors and officers liability insurance. Corporate directors and officers, as well as non-profit board members, face the possibility of accusations of wrongdoing. This type of coverage can supplement a professional liability insurance policy and help protect your personal property and reputation.

5 Steps to Lessen your Risk of Claim as an IT Professional in Vancouver

Mistakes happen, but you can mitigate your risks with a few simple steps:

  1. Stay organized
  2. Keep clear contracts
  3. Have regular, clear and open communication
  4. Have quality control procedures
  5. Refer out when possible

Having a Vancouver IT professional liability insurance policy in place can help you work with confidence knowing that you and your business are protected in the event of a claim.

Vancouver IT Professional Liability Coverage Claims

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We make submitting a claim easy. Simply fill out our online claim form with as much detail as possible, and our experienced team will take care of the rest.


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