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If you consult as a forensic expert in Winnipeg, it’s important to protect yourself. Professional liability insurance can help cover your costs if you are sued for causing financial loss to a third party as a result of your professional service or advice. EasyCover makes it simple to get coverage – we’re online 24/7 and offer great insurance protection. Mistakes happen. But with EasyCover, you have the peace of mind that you are covered. 

Professional Liability Insurance Protects Winnipeg’s Forensic Experts 

If you’re an expert witness or forensic expert in Winnipeg, professional liability insurance is important coverage to have. If you are sued for causing financial loss because of your service or advice, this will help cover your legal expenses. This includes defence costs, judgement awards and settlements.  

For example, let’s say you provide an evidence report for legal proceedings. You may be accused of an error and sued – professional liability insurance can help.  

At EasyCover, we offer three optional limits of protection: 

  • $1,000,000 
  • $2,000,000 
  • $5,000,000 

When it comes to choosing the amount of coverage you need, consider the number of clients you have, the value of each individual contract, your annual revenue and the likelihood and expected cost of a lawsuit.  

Our professional liability insurance is also retroactive. While you need to disclose any previous circumstance that could result in a claim, you’ll be covered for claims made during the policy term arising from your previous work. This is a huge benefit to you, especially as legal proceedings can take a long time.  

We can cover many different forensic practitioners and experts in Winnipeg, including: 

  • Anthropologists 
  • Archaeologists  
  • Fingerprint Experts 
  • Fire Scene Investigators 
  • Human Contact Trace Experts 
  • Particulate and Other Trace Experts 
  • Road Traffic Accident Investigators 
  • Toxicologists 

Is your specialty not listed? Contact us! We will see what we can do or refer you to a trusted industry partner. 

Optional Coverages Available for Forensic Experts in Winnipeg 

We also offer the following insurance to Winnipeg’s Forensic Experts: commercial general liability, cyber liability and directors and officers liability. 

Cyber Liability 

This coverage is designed to help reduce the financial impact of a cyber-attack or data breach. This includes legal expenses, regulatory fines, public relations, and other costs up to your policy limits.  

As you may deal with sensitive information, this is important insurance for forensic experts in Winnipeg to carry.  

Commercial General Liability 

If a third party is injured or has their property damaged due to your negligent acts (or that of an employee) this can help cover the costs. A common example is someone visiting your workplace and slipping and falling, injuring themselves.  

Directors and Officers Liability 

If you are held personally responsible for breaching your duties as a director or officer, this coverage helps protect your personal assets and covers legal expenses. However, it will not cover any criminal acts. 

The Cost of Professional Liability Insurance for Forensic Experts in Winnipeg 

It will depend on your individual situation as to how much professional liability insurance will cost in Winnipeg. Here are a few examples: 

  • A fire scene investigator making $105,000 every year operating in Manitoba might expect to pay $660 for professional liability insurance. They could add cyber coverage for $150 and commercial general liability for $220 annually, not including provincial sales tax. 
  • A toxicologist working in Manitoba earning $89,000 each year may pay $440 each year for basic professional liability insurance. For an extra $150 and $220 annually, they can add cyber and commercial general liability, respectively.  

The cost of professional liability insurance for forensic experts in Winnipeg depends on their annual revenue, specialty, number of employees, where they operate and which insurance coverages they choose. 

Get a quote online with EasyCover to see how much you can expect to pay. It’s quick and easy! 

Protect yourself against the unexpected.

Protect yourself against the unexpected with Professional Liability Insurance for Winnipeg Consultants from EasyCover.

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