Should Canadian Programmers Be Covered Under a Professional Liability Insurance Policy?

Should Canadian Programmers Be Covered Under a Professional Liability Insurance Policy?

In the last few decades, programming has changed the way we interact with the world around us. It is an exciting field and programmers are currently in higher demand than ever. But as more professionals begin to delve into the world of programming, many are finding themselves in need of an affordable and reliable professional liability insurance policy.

Computer programmers are not immune to making mistakes. Such a mistake, depending on its severity, can have a very detrimental impact on a company. These mistakes, also known as “errors or omissions” can be very costly. An example of an expensive, embarrassing mistake could be a computer programmer designing software for a popular cellular company, and once the software is implemented in the system, “a glitch” in the program causes the cellular system to go offline for an extended period of time. Each minute that the system is offline costs the company money in the form of compensation to their existing customers and potential loss of their business, along with public embarrassment and a tarnished reputation that may deter new customers from signing on with them.

As a computer programmer, accidentally making a mistake in the programming code or even failure to meet a deadline could have a damaging effect on both your finances and your reputation for many years to come. You could lose your job and be sued by the company you rendered services to.

While chances are that you are already covered under a commercial general liability insurance policy, this policy will not protect you should claims be filed against you relating to the services or professional advice that you provided. If you fear being held liable for an error or omission, then you should be covered under a Canadian IT professional liability insurance policy.

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