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Rogers the First To Offering Professional Liability Insurance Online to Canadian Professionals

Rogers Insurance is proud to announce a first for Canada – the sale of commercial insurance directly to businesses without phoning a broker or filling out a long application form – which until now, has been the way individuals and companies traditional buy this type of insurance in Canada. Individuals or small firms of up to five individuals in over 100 occupations can now purchase professional liability insurance conveniently, with access to Easycover.ca, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week from anywhere.

“EasyCover offers consumers convenience by bringing insurance to them, not the other way around,” says Bruce Rabik, COO of Rogers Insurance. “Using leading technology through a partnership with a longstanding firm in the UK, we’re bringing world-class commercial insurance service to Canada. With coverage underwritten by Lloyds of London, we’re pleased to bring one of the best insurance brands in the world into the mix.”

Within five minutes, clients can obtain a quote, bind the coverage, pay for it and print off their proof of insurance. Licensed brokers are also available to answer clients with questions during extended hours.

This technology is a glimpse into the future of how commercial insurance will be sold in Canada. Looking ahead, Rogers Insurance will be offering to share this technology with brokerages across Canada who demonstrates an appreciation for the technological changes arising in the industry.

Easycover.ca is a result of over one year of investment by Rogers Insurance and has been managed by Sherif Gemayel, President of Sharp Insurance, recognized as a leader in the digital insurance space in Canada.

About Rogers Insurance & Sharp Insurance
Sister companies Rogers Insurance and Sharp Insurance together write some $250 million of premiums and are licensed in every jurisdiction in Canada. They are both proud members of the Canadian Broker Network (which is comprised of nine of the leading independent brokerages in Canada) and Intersure (consisting of 40 brokerages across North America). Together, Rogers and Sharp have worldwide influence with affiliated independent brokerages servicing Canada, the U.S. and Mexico.

For further information about EasyCover, please contact:
Bruce Rabik, Chief Operating Officer, Rogers Insurance Ltd.,
(403) 296-2484